Type Name Members
Household Amazons 2
Company Black Hart 1
Company Blood Irises 3
Company Cerberus 1
Household Clan Iron Wolf 1
Household Coastguard 1
Household Disaster Recovery Crew 1
Household Dragons of the Isles 3
Company Duplicate delete 1
Company Dusk Raiders 7
Company Ebon Order 2
Household Glee Club 1
Household Heralds of the Griffin 3
Household House Fierce 1
Household House of Arrow and Sun 4
Household House of Hidden Horrors 1
Household House Ptarmigan 4
Household House Smiling 1
Household House Snowflake 1
Company IronHide 1
Household Ladybitches 2
Household Linden's Brute Squad 1
Household Lionesse 3
Company Loka Honna 1
Company Omega 7
Household Order of the Eldritch Eye 1
Household Order of the Salty Slug 2
Household Order of the Silver Spoon 1
Household Phantom Skull, Crew of the 1
Household Scalpel and Broadsword 4
Household Smiling Ones 6
Company Son's of Iona 1
Household Spectral Dragons 1
Household Sword of Selent (Household) 2
Household The A Team 2
Household The Church of the High Cross 1
Household The Golden Order 1
Household The Harbingers 1
Company The Order of the Moon Eternal 1
Company The Order of the Moon Eternal 1
Company The Order of the Moon Eternal (TOME) 2
Household The Salty Queers Brigade 2
Company The Shadowfangs 2
Household The Shinobo Clan of Shadows in Yoru 1
Household The Sons of Gothika 2
Household The Tokwan Vaunt 2
Household The Village Hidden in the Smoke 1
Household Toemunchers Tribe 1
Company Unit 1
Company Warpath 1
Company White Boar 7
Household Woden's Eye 1
Household Wyld Stallyns 1