Scalpel and Broadsword

Name: Scalpel and Broadsword
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Scalpel and Broadsword is a Podcast based out of Goldenvale run by Squires Akrith and Bowen. You can find our episodes on our webpage:


Member Role Title
Arch Duke Squire Chekers Member Interviewed
Duchessa Dame Esselia Member War Corospondant
Grand Duke Sir Balthazar the Madd Member Special Guest
Grand Duke Sir Goliath of Emor Member Special Guest
Grand Duke Syr Sanchez Zappatiesta du Chevalier Member Ranter
Grand Marquis Sir Akrith Lightshade Member Co-Host
Medryn Member Interviewed
Nathanial Goldenleaf Member Interviewed
Sai Bowen Member Co-Host
Ser Jynx Mercades Member Interviewed
Sir Kemoc Tregarth Member Interviewed
Warlord Sir Tosc Member Interviewed