Name: IronHide
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Men are new but have great ability to become great. with time some may even surpass me but for now they are learning. 6/16/2014 15:09EST
History: Born from thee fires of War, caste from their own home lands. The warriors of IronHide lost and new to the world of freedom. Made up of mostly Barbarians, the fighters and killers of this company. Vow their loyalty to the one they call VALHALLA their founder and captain. They are sworn to die a glorious death, fighting out numbered it is known as TROLLSLAYING. Valhalla and his Great Sword Athilia fight their way to Respect and Glory. Finding his men was never the plan but he saw their great honor and glorious fighting skills and knew if he Came to them in good tidings and asked if they would like to join him and the company and forever be known as IRONHIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Member Role Title
Constintine Member (Florince Specialist)
Helena Member Queen Of IronHide
Leodyne Colefax Member VC to Ulusses Fire Shadow
Lukasavage Member Probation
Ulysses Fire Shadow Captain Captain