House of Hidden Horrors

Name: House of Hidden Horrors
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: An Amtgard household started in KCG for people who love all things spook, cryptids, eldritch horrors, dark myths etc. We strive to have fun with spooks, not to frighten others. Our goal is to bring acceptance to all subcultures in amtgard in everything from our interactions with others to the events we hold.
History: Founded May 12th 2019


Member Role Title
Astrosar McKegley Member
Aubrey Samuel Westcraven Member
Baroness Celwyn Member
Blightstorm Member
Briseis Quinn Member
Dagon Solaris Member
Duke Sir Nexus Crow the Feathered Member
Edelspeth Member
Ivar Beintygger Member
James the Strongbow Member
Jynx Ironborn Member
Katherine Member
Kettlebaun Thistleswyfte Member
Lady Grumpy Artaith Lillith Noor Member
Lilith de Naia Member
Lord Rellik Esquire Member
ME Member
Murgen Dayne Member
Nesune de la Nyx Member
Ogsuss Member
Oswin Whitewall The Adoptable Lord Founder
Overlord Thaddeus Ymirson Amberleaf Frostfoot, First of his Name, Elder of the Frostfoot Clan, The B Member
Phoenixess Member
Razael Soulscar Member
Rue Member
Rune Masada Member
Vicount Paragon Mr.Pockets Member
Vignette Delacour Member