The Salty Queers Brigade

Name: The Salty Queers Brigade
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The SQB is a group of LGBTQIA+ individuals who are dedicated to making Amtgard a safe place for those who fall under the "queer spectrum". We offer support and help give a voice to those who experience discrimination and abuse in their Amtgard communities. We are also dedicated to being a force for good wherever we can be. We are who we are, loudly and unashamedly.


Member Role Title
Antlers Rook Member
Baroness Melisandra Moirai Member
Charlie Member
Eliessi Elithrandil Member
Gorovan Dramsson Member
Grinchkin Member
Lord Paulo Brisbane Member
Man at Arms Ignacio Member
Man at Arms Snipps Member
Ogsuss Member
Page Ari the Bed Breaker Member
Pandora Corvus Lord Founder
Sefton Sly Member
Shieldwarrior Avalon Faerand Member