Ebon Order

Name: Ebon Order
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Ebon Order are not the best fighters on the field, nor the best crafters of weapons and armour, but we will be, with a strong emphasis on self-improvement both martially and in the sciences of Amtgard. Holding a high standard for our own members, the Ebon Order has five ranks of members: Decurions, who must perform impressively on the battlefield or in the sciences; Patricians, officer members of the Order; Magistrates, a senior rank of officer members who have shown aptitude at the Sciences as well as combat; Praetor, the second-in-command of the Order; and Archon, the leader of the Order. In order to join the Ebon Order, one must approach either the Praetor or the Archon with a request (or 'petition') to join. The petitioning member will then be watched closely by those Order members in their local group and a vote will be held at an appropriate time, once enough information has been gathered.
History: Formed in January 2006. Provided lunch for Raven's Call 2006. Guarded court (Duke Baron Ce'Dar and Queen Sir Elizabeth of Golden Vale) for Battle of the Dens X, 2006. Provided dinner for Twilight: Year One Provided lunch for Frostbite 2007


Member Role Title
Calin Silverwind Member Patrician
Dracious Member Patrician
Duke Sir Nexus Crow the Feathered Member Decurion
Glithus Stormwolf Member Patrician
Glyn Aidan Member Magistrate
Lacris Member Decurion
Mcrah Member Decurion
Nathanial Goldenleaf Member Patrician
Ritari of the Sun Member Decurion
Roywynn Amorette Member Decurion
Sai Bowen Member Decurion
Squire Elm the Bold Member Praetor
Ursus \'Bear\' MacGrioghar Member Archon
Velidia Member Decurion
Vurdu Son of Tarkin of Clan Siberock Member Decurion
Your Mom Member Decurion