House of Arrow and Sun

Name: House of Arrow and Sun
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The House of Arrow and Sun - البيت الأسهم و الشمس - albayt al'ashum w alshshams (pronounced: owlbite owl sah heem wa shaasms), is an Amtgard Household that has a strong Middle Eastern/Arabian flair, and a focus on Bow users and A&S interests. A primary goal of the Household is to further and better the use of Archery within Amtgard, and ultimately have it recognized and respected as a combat equal to melee. Another fundamental goal is to increase presence, quality, and proliferation of the Arts and Sciences within Amtgard through production of quality works, teaching and tutelage, and sharing of new and best practices in our respective expertise.
History: The HoA&S was founded on April 11th, 2016.


Member Role Title
Baron Thrahg Bjornson Member
Beric Member
Countessa Raposa of Winterwood Member
Cuntaois Defender Squire Shieldmaiden Dencri Blackwater Member
Dan the Pheasant Member
Duchessa Dame Esselia Member
Lord Hawkeye Lofold Member
Lyle Wellby Member
Man at Arms Ignacio Member
Pixish Member
Sai Bowen Member
Shieldmaiden Arturia RozenWolfe Member
Sylas Member
Taiki Member
Tegus Judas Betraygus Member
Thane Needle von Fluffles Member
Turjon Lord Founder