House Snowflake

Name: House Snowflake
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: "Alone we may be fragile, together WE ARE THE STORM!"
History: House Snowflake was born in the summer of 2017, in the Pacific Northwest, in the Kingdom of Blackspire. The founding members came together with the common goal to stop bullying and harassment in Amtgard, and to make it a safe place for all marganizlied people. It is a house for victims of bullying and harassment, marganilzed people, and allies.


Member Role Title
Alasdair Member
Avian Member
Aya Bearington Member
Barrick Shale Member Head of household
Bloodmoon of Artenia Member
Celestia Member
Eries Evol the Painted Member Head of household
Gokai Platinum Member
Heldris Member Head of household
Hermes Member
Heron Lamana Member
Kalzar crabstab Soulless Member
Kormac Member
Kornholeo Member
Lady Squire Aria Lokasdottir Member
Lord Paulo Brisbane Member
Lyvena Member
Medusa Member
Midian Member
Oso Bearington Member
Petra (Ser) Member
pungkow Member
Rewand the Right hand of Dread Member
Roar Member
Sarin Member
Sefton Sly Member
Taran Lesonette Member
Thandraugh Heledir Member
Ultan Member
Uriel Member
Vesper Member