Name: Amazons
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Household of Amazons has a dual nature. Foremost is the call to serve. Service itself being defined as getting up and doing, volunteering, getting done the hundreds of little things that most other Amtgardians are unwilling to do, or unable to do. Secondly, our purpose is to promote a positive and dynamic image of women in Amtgard by supporting women in every role within the club, on and off the field. "If a female in Amtgard were to choose only one household, this is the one it should be. We are a place where a woman, no matter her age, can draw strength from her gender. Where she has, at her side, women willing to teach her and learn from her. Whether she seeks encouragement and skill on the battlefield, advice and inspiration for her artistic endeavors, strives for yet another recipe to whip up and serve to the hungry masses at yet another feast, or quests for counsel to help her lead her group albeit a small group of friends, her park or her kingdom, this is where she knows she can find it all." ~Mistress Wynd~
History: Clan 1990: Andralaine and Esoum began the Amazons. \r\n\r\n1992: Weilok was asked by Esoum and Andralaine to\r\nbecome the third High Mother of the Amazons at a Cabillo Lake event.\r\n\r\nThe Household of Amazons has the honor of being one of\r\nthe largest and oldest Households in Amtgard.\r\n\r\nIn 2005, Andralaine and Weilock invited Mistress Wynde of CK and Mezzie of the BL to become Mistresses to the Household. The household today is administrated by Dame Andralaine (the first Flame Knight), and Dame Weilock. They are assisted by Mistresses Wynd, Mezzie, Jetamio, and Aurora. In addition, every Full Amazon helps support and grow our house in countless ways, every day in support of other women, and in support of Amtgard.


Member Role Title
Countess Sir AMC Member
Darthyra Duskwalker Shadowblades Member Mokushi
Adelaide Hale Member
Aela Lefraye Member LeLundra
Alanna Member
Allys'siandra Faerdragon Member Roxanna
Aloysia Saint Maverick Member
Amara Member
Amardis Saelneth Member Anaea
Amethyse Amazon Esq Member
Anaea E\'Drien Member
Analea Member
Ananias Moirae Member Katahztrofi
Anastasia SmokeDragon Member Jade
Andralaine Member Queen
Aramis of Oceana Member
Aramis of Oceana Member
Arcana Le Elfriche Member
Arch Duchess Dame Roisin Derge Member
Archer Wolf Member Marceline
Ariel Member
Ariella Langsbury Member
Arriana Hale Member
Ashh Lilac Claws Member Nacoochee Mother Hen
Ashiteru Member
Auntie Em Naked Member Mezzie
Aurianna Nel'Fray Member
Aurora Selene Member BS - Grand Mistress
Aurorua Chrisistana Member
Autumn Maplewood Member
Avery Member
Axie Amara Member Rainai
Aysa Berek Member
Azrael Wolvesbane Member
Baroness Celwyn Member
Baroness Dame Jetamio Member RW - Grand Mistress
Baroness Kirkleen der Verlorenen Member Mezzie
Baroness Lady Robyn Shutterbug Member
Baroness Squire Junebug de Coeurnoir Member
Baroness Topaz Kitsune-Darkjester Member
Baronet Ann E. Alexander Member
Baronet Asland Member Dame Jet
Baronet Lady Esquire Jagiquay Everdong Member Morgana
Baronet Lady Morgana Member
Baronet sir Marehet Member Mezzie
Baronet Squire Illeria of the Lost Soul Member
Baronet Squire StTar Reddawn Sapphyre Member Dru-Kara
baronettess leandra syotos mckrotch Member
Bella Member
Blissful Lace Member Rayne
Caladria Baranthas Member
Calandra Member Mezzie
Caliana Member
Calliope Wren Member
Callisto Nightingale Member Alexandrianna
Catrysa Trakand Member
Charna \'The Skald\' Greenpen, disembowler of teddies Member
Chris Tarus Member Delphina
Contessa Tangeena Skythasis Member
Corvana Member Neo
Cottonwood Member
Countess Bean Member
Countess Sir Yonnah ap Stormblade-Darkjester Member
Countessa Raposa of Winterwood Member
Covina Sharpie Member
Crimson Witch Member
Cygnus Member
Dame Angela Mastersinger Member
Dame Bridgette of the Bazaar Member Mokushi
Dame Elspeth Sharrisselva Member
Dame Lady Spice MacGregor Member
Dame Lillian Member
Dame Mara Plaguebringer Member
Dame Marquess Astrianna Member
Dame Mistress Wynd o\'Onyx Loch von Draken Member CK - Grand Mistress
Dame Phoebe Member
Dame Siobhan Uaine Dragon Member
Dawn Thornhill Member Allys'siandra
Diamond Toldidia Member
Dindins Kaine Member Mommor
Doladar Member
Dragana DragonAngel Member Ziana
DruKara Silverblade Member Andralaine
Duchess Foxy MacLeod Member Ayoben
Duxi Cuntois Weaver Wyrdwood Member
Ebby Rose MacLeod Member Fey Anya
Ella Eleanore Hervie Member
Elphaba Member
Elwing Member
Elzair Member
Emer Rustytongue Member DS
Emerald mi Ezel_Airen Member Dru-Kara
Epona Member
Evil Overlord Ayoben Member
Faolon The Hawk Member
Fayne Longfoot Member
Fianna Member
Fish of the Freshwater Member Aurora
Foxfire Member CK
Franchesca Member
Freki Wulfrock de Sam Parr Member
Frog Member
Gale Stronghammer Member
Gallifrey Member
Ghostfairy Member
Gidjet Kujawa Member Weilok
Gracie Lou Shu Who Member Katahztrofi
Grand Artificer Atlas Everdeen Member Frey Anya
Grand Duchess Lady Sir Xenith Member CK
Grand Duchess Ser Snow Bryna Vixen Member Gala
Grand Duchess Sir Elizabeth Mercades Member
Great Lady TikTik Member
Grimalkin Member
Halo Member Mahemet
Harmonia Member Andralaine
Helora Member Paisley
Hollyella Member Kyrill
Hope Thornhill Member Marehet
Idisi Member
Illyania Wambleeska Member
Ilya Member Stacilynne
Isabel Member
Isabelle Member
Ish Wulfrock Member
Isis Member Ziana
Ivy Dragonsbane Member Jade
Ivy Happy Meal Whitefoot Member
Iyra Greycat Iceni the Mechanical Member IM
Jade Member Weilok
jhak Member
Joli Vin Frommage Member
Joslynn Sabala Vahe Member
Josslynn Reyne Member
Kanti Member
Kat Member Nacoochee Mother Hen
Kat Bloodrayne Member Morgana
Kathrynn Devinue Member
Katira Stormblade Member
Katnchains Member
Ke-She Member
Keena Ferrel Member
Killusalla Member
Kitari d'Argento Member
Kitty Member
Kitty Softpaws Member Rayne
Kizmet Firecrow Member ShadowRose
Koida Iz'Mazing Member Aishling
Kyrie Eleison Member
Kyrill Member
Kyten Member Morgana
Lachlyn Member
Lady Alysiandra Member CK
Lady Anatashia Lovitar Member Paisley
Lady Aoifefand Roundree Member
Lady Aramis Clu Member Auntie Em
Lady Azreal Blazenwood Member
Lady Baronet Cira Chaosdragon Member
Lady Belladonna, Mistress of the Needle Member Morgana
Lady Caoimhe Silverwing Member Pheonix
Lady Catherine Member
Lady Damn Tove McLynn Member CK
Lady Delphina Darkstorm Member
Lady Deltoria Katar Member
Lady Ducky Member
Lady Erza scarlet Member
Lady Flame Silvergwyl Bloodwolf Member Mezzie
Lady Gidget Firedancer Member
Lady Kat Arkain, Esq. Member
Lady Kayura Member
Lady Kiiri Duabhar Member
Lady Kya Kressh Member Delphina
Lady Laura Jane Member Dame Jet
Lady Leena Chevalier Member
Lady Luna Leilani Pheonix Member
Lady Master Aloura Member Dame Jet
Lady Mauve Noor Member
Lady Nalina Firewalker Member Delphina
Lady Orb Wyngarde Member
Lady Page Elwyn Silvergayle Member
Lady Pryia Yo Member
Lady Ritter Renjara Darkblade Member Bridgette
Lady River Gale Member
Lady Sage Member Ziana
Lady ShadowRose Ravenmoon Member CK
Lady Sierra Klassic Member
Lady Squire Danica Fiammata D\'ombra Member Mokushi
Lady Squire Tamara MacAbee Member
Lady Squire Tami Nyterisa Stormblade Member Cira
Lady Squire Xandryia Whitewolf Wyngarde Member
Lady SunShine Member
Lady Sweetleaf Stormblade Silverthorn (aka Lady Wiggles, Amorra Goldenlight) Member Ke-She
Lady Ziana Stalrim Member CK
Lagertha Member Marehet
Lavender Skymaine Member Weilok
Lavenna Member
Lesser Pane Baroness Axysia Anvilfist Member
Linden Tul Member
Litlebear (or) Lytlebear Darkowl Member Weilok
Loco Moma McCoy Member
Luna Mya Hun Member Saja
Lunakit Fae Member Cira
Lusynda Norreh Member
Lynx Lil Floof Member
Lyssa Draiman Member Aishling
Lyvena Member
Maighred Mezelette Member EH - Grand Mistress
Maistreas Bhean Gemma Murray Esq. Member Dame Jet
Malicity Member Tami
Marceline Aidan Fangmeier Member Kyrill
Mariam McKee Member
Maryam Member
Meerna Member Marceline
Mewy Member
Meyliassa Member
Mokushi Aria Cross Member
Momma D Member Katira
Monomi F. Kintsugi Member
Moondancer Member
Mouse Member Nia
Mouse De Trap Member
Mysteria Member
Mysti Member
Nacoochee Mother Hen Member Kyrieh
Nai Phoenix Member
Neo Member Auntie Em
Nike Laurier Member
Nsia La Rin Member CG
Nudell Member Andie
Nyx 'Eiliagh Lomieldon Member Dragonmouse
Oksana Member Nai Phoenix
Ondine de Lamorak Member
Ophelia Crobhdearg Member
Paisley Member CG
Perdita Stormrider Member
Pheonix McDermottMacLeod Member
Phyxi/Phixious the Pixi Member
Pippa Tully/Alithean Member
Pucina Moon Member Emer
Quillmaster Member
Quinn Treebourne Member Nakisha
Ravenna Member Emer
Rayne Sixpence Member Morgana
Reiho Member
Relisys Candlemaker Member
Rhage Member Celwyn
Rhiannon Blackhorse Member DS
Rune Brightblade Member Dame Jet
Rycera (Dame) Alexia (Lexi) Edana Member
Rychl Member
Saan Firebrand de la Toure, Esq. Member
Saint Ka\'a Tul Acklie Member
Saja Tappava Member
Salence Blackmore Member Dame Jet
Samantha Three Jugs Member
Sandy the Awesome Member Dame Jet
Savage Member Dru-Kara
Scarlet Member
Selka Shadowcat Member
Selve the Awesome Socks Member
Senelenya Member
Seraph Member
Serena Member
Serra Flaxen Member
Sesasha the Siren, the Technomancer Member
Shavaylah Member
Silverfish Member Nacoochee Mother Hen
Simeona Oona Sandalias Member
Sir Angelfire (aka Pixy) Member
Sir Katahztrofi D. Blackheart Member Mezzie
Sir Lady Fael Sanguine Member
Sir Lady Warchylde F.M. Grim Member
Sir Nakita Member Andralaine
Sir Pebyr ap Cucorin Member Ke-She
Sir Shiva Member
Sir Spork the Destroyer Member Lady Foxy
Slinky Member
Sq. Baronet Lady Alexandrianna Oakenfall Member Jagiquay
Squire Baroness Fey Anya Marina Grimwulff Member
Squire DarkMistress Circadia Stormwind (aka Sabbat) Member
Squire Lady Akira Rowena Ishtar Wolfsbane Member Fey Anya
Squire Lady Flower McLynn Member
Squire Nazira Al Badiyah Reeh Member CG
Stardust Member
Starlyn Marie Member
Surreall McLeod Member Diamond
Taiyo Mabushii Member Joslynn
Talo Grawen Member Roywynn
Tara Wolf Member CK
Tavae Themisal Member Perdita
Tayakanna Tanielia Member Littlebear
Thee Corsair Member Wynde
Therressa Willowtree Member
Thorn Member
Tika Member
Trinity Skythasis Member Mezzie
TuSocks Kayranus Member
Tyrle de Felis Member
Unattainabelle Member
UpMihr D. Beanslaw Member Emer
Verana Windstar Member
Vithfari Member
Vitty Rose Member
Weilok Roskara Member Queen's Sister
Whiseland of the Angel Clan Member
Willow Thundervoice Member
Yuri Bane Member
Zelda Member
Zolina Member
^Magdalena Kinnir Member
^Raven Silver Member