Type Name Members
Household Amazons 1
Company Apocalypse 4
Household Bacon 2
Company Bash Bros 9
Company Black Hart 3
Household Crew of the Obsidian Rakesh 1
Household Crimson Tide 1
Company Dusk Raiders 6
Household Fat Kid, House 10
Company Glen 1
Household House of Arrow and Sun 1
Household House Orm 1
Household House Rainbow 2
Household House Vespera 1
Company IronHide 5
Household Order of the Salty Slug 5
Household Order of the Silver Stag 2
Company Saracens 2
Company Saracens, Tribe Crimson Falcon 1
Company Saracens, Tribe Shadoweaver 1
Household Sect of Kressh 1
Household Seven Deadly Sins 1
Household Team Roleplay 1
Household The Cult of the Third Hand 1
Household The Flaming Dragons Cooks Guild 1
Household The Golden Light 2
Household The Salty Queers Brigade 2
Household Watchers of the Abyss 1