Crew of the Obsidian Rakesh

Name: Crew of the Obsidian Rakesh
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: This is the Household of the Keyholders of the Obsidian Rakesh.
History: The Obsidian Rakesh was a small two-masted schooner. They were not usually used for merchants, as they were tiny and did not generally have a lot of cargo space. Much less space for crew. The ship’s timbers were an almost black wood, hard and firm. They came from a far-off land and were revered for their water resistance, beauty, and almost mythical properties. (Previously the Wayward Albatross, captained by Captain Barnaby.) There were many sacrifices and secrets about her. But one of the most beautiful pieces of the ship, which also seemed the most out of place, was the figurehead. Most ships would have a figure of a humanoid or animal. Fierce woman warriors, horrible skeletons, ethereal mermaids, or even awe-inspiring dragons. This figurehead was a large clamshell overflowing with multiple opalescent pearls that were designed to appear floating from the bed of the clam up above to the bowsprit. The strangest part about the figurehead was that the pearls were not wood like the rest of the ship or figurehead. The pearls were each a glowing teal. They had been a gift from a great wizard, but knowledge about the orbs was unknown other than that the glow was what offered peace and serenity for all welcomed aboard. The crew were welcomed by the ship's captain Muirin, during the apocalyptic situation (during the Kingdom of Goldenvale and Crystal Groves interkingdom Roleplay) with the four horsemen. Anyone with a brass key was accepted as a crew member and family aboard the Rakesh.


Member Role Title
Amyris Member Crewmate
Arczire von Hellheim Member Crewmate
Baroness Melisandra Moirai Member Crewmate
Blodren Member Crewmate
Commodore Muirin Lord Captain
Director Jace Lanes Member Esteemed Guest
Frederick Member Crewmate
Glit Member Crewmate
Grym Blackwell III Member Crewmate
Himeo Member Crewmate
Jerek Nightblade Member Crewmate
Konin Member Crewmate
Lady Ava Member Crewmate
Montagor Member Crewmate
Noxus Member Crewmate
Rehland Member Crewmate
Sefton Sly Member Crewmate
Talicka Member Crewmate
Xedram Member Crewmate