Name: Saracens
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are an Amtgard fighting company. We like to beat on each other with foam swords. Amtgard is a LARP that is rather light on the rp in general and heavy on the action. :)
History: We have had some trouble adding some or you, if you are not on here please contact Chaos.


Member Role Title
Damian Wyvern Member CG war Speaker/Chieftain tribe legend
Draco Member CG Saracen
Ellowen Fiddlefen Esquire Member GV Saracen
Gitana Member CG Saracen
Lady Squire Tami Nyterisa Stormblade Member CG Saracen CFL/Lt Speaker
Lord Chaos Member Speaker
Lord Havelock von Foon Member CG Saracen
Lord Squire Gailwind Blackfoot Member GV Saracen
Lord Squire Leefy Stormblade Member CG Saracen CFL
Malicity Member CG Chieftain
Moss Member CG Saracen
Nakani Kurohyo Member CG Saracen CFL
Niecee Duchevalier Member CG Chieftan
Perdita Stormrider Member CG Saracen
Woman-at-Arms Trenth Member CG Saracen/ LT War Speaker
Yhamish McKrotch Member CG Saracen