Seven Deadly Sins

Name: Seven Deadly Sins
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Seven Deadly Sins is a House primarily for the Arts of Amtgard. Each chosen member of this house brings to it their own unique art. Whether they can cook, or sew, paint, sculpt, write, sing a song, make jewelry or make weapons. The only requirements for this house are that you be open to learning as well as teaching. There are seven founding members who are each one of the 'Seven Deadly Sins'. Each new member will be taken under one of the founding members and as such will be under their founders sin. Men are welcome to join as long as they meet all requirements. This is a household for people who are serious about the arts. Not to be confused with households formed just to hang out.
History: Founded April of 2009


Member Role Title
Baroness Celwyn Member Madam
Bater Member Madam
Lady Leena Chevalier Member Madam
Lady Squire Briar Rose Member Madam
Lord Xander Member Madam
Risiki Reaper Member Madam
Sandria Tunag Member Mistress
Woman-at-Arms Trenth Member Mistress