Saracens, Tribe Shadoweaver

Name: Saracens, Tribe Shadoweaver
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Weavers in darkness, our tribe weaves our web and lies in wait for opportunity. Our symbol is the Patient Spider. As we also have a very strong crafter side the quintessinal weaver is very approperate.
History: Formed soon after GE 2005 Tribe Shadoweaver's founding members are Akira Tsuji, Malicity and Crownjob. Since Malicity and Crownjob were active duty Navy and Akira is Malicity's spouse this tribe has a strong military ties. All it's members and prospectives are or have prior military expierence. The name Shadoweaver comes as a nod to another tribe known for working in the shadows, the former Tribe Shadowlegion whom Akira Tsuji was a member until it disbanded.


Member Role Title
Akira Tsuji Member
Asura Member
Crown Stormblade Esquire Member
Malicity Member