The Flaming Dragons Cooks Guild

Name: The Flaming Dragons Cooks Guild
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: ROASTED DRAGON WITH POTATO STUFFING Young dragons are better then old because the meat is more tender. Make a paste of greens, flour, and dragon fat for a meat tenderizer. Prepare the dragon carcase by cutting of the neck, wings, legs, and tail, skinning the carcase, and cleaning out the body cavities. Save the heart, liver, neck and tail, recipies for them will be coming soon. Make slits parrellel to the muscles and rub the tenderizer in. Stuff the body cavity with potato and applesause. A full-sized dragon can keep a Duchy in food for about half a week.
History: Formed in 2005 in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves, Planning, Shopping, Cooking, and Feasts for the masses Awarded Order of the Flame Jan 2005 by Duke Sir Vasa


Member Role Title
Armidrake Member
Baroness Celwyn Member
Elwing Member
Ero Member
Lady Baronet Cira Chaosdragon Member
Lady Squire Tami Nyterisa Stormblade Member
Lord Chaos Member
Sir Vasa Wolfrider Member
Squire Trelick Member
Stardust Member
Syr FalQuinn Tannon Member