Name: Bacon
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Bacon was formed in 2008 as a place for all lovers of Bacon, and other great products of Pork to come together in their love of devouring this most delicious of delicacies.


Member Role Title
Aasara Member Foreign Minister of Bratwurst
Angrist Galvorn Member Commisioner of Porcine Safety
Captain Jack Cross Member First Minister of Pork
Drago Member Chairman of the Barbeque Commission
Duchess Sqr Abiliegh Cross Stormblade-Darkjester del Khahli Member Headmistress of Kosher Alternatives
Eliessi Elithrandil Member Chancellor of Pit Proceedings
Piper Lesonette Member Deputy Commissioner of Smokehouse Affairs
Squire Nazira Al Badiyah Reeh Member Keeper of the People's Banner
Syr FalQuinn Tannon Member Commandant of Pork Acquisitions