Type Name Members
Household 9th legion First cohorts of Rome and Guardians of the eagle our patron jupiter 1
Company Bearclaw Thunder 7
Household Caligro Pirate Crew 2
Company Corsairs 1
Household Crimson Tide 1
Household Crimson Valiant Crew 7
Company Dragon Blade Mercenaries 1
Company Fox Guard 6
Household Going Merry 3
Household House Cari 1
Household House Ironcloak 4
Household House Odin 1
Household House Odin 7
Household House of Horns 2
Company House of Night Wraiths 1
Household House of the Three Suns 3
Household House Tankard 1
Household Kitsunes of Amtgard 1
Company Legion of the Damned 1
Household Linden's Brute Squad 2
Company MegaLodons 1
Household Moonsilver Inquisition 1
Household Murder hobos 1
Household Raiders from the Northern Skies 2
Household Red Clan 4
Household S.S MINNOW crew 1
Company Shadowvale 14
Household Temple Of The Kitsune 1
Household The Broken 1
Household The Bumbling Bards 1
Household The sisterhood of the savage Sirens 1
Household Wolfcaller Clan 3
Household XXII Legion 1