The Broken

Name: The Broken
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Broken is a house for all the people with disabilities that still participate in Amtgard. We are a group of proud soldiers and artisans! Our struggle is to motivate those with disabilities to strive forward and have fun! To be unrelenting against the struggles we face day to day, and to laugh in the face of adversity!
History: This is Pirate... In 2005 I was in a terrible car accident. I lost my daughter, my ex was terribly injured for life, as was I. The reception I received from my fellow amtgarders was less than welcoming.. I felt like I would never fight again... I also wasn\'t made aware of all the other things amtgard offers.. After 9 years of inactivity, I am making it my personal mission to ensure nobody ever experiences the pain I felt years ago!


Member Role Title
Balgair Carach Lord Co-Founder
Blade Shadowwind Member Emissary
Chef Fister Starduste Captain Nobleman
Dakota CrownStealer Member Emissary
Dante Member Emissary
Ellistrae Laitha Avur Member Emissary
Eniad Norreh Member Emissary
ExPlayer Eber Baine Member Emissary
Father Jeckel Member Emissary
Fianna Member Emissary
Javier Backstabber Captain Ambassador
Justine Ranulf Member Sage
Katira Stormblade Member Emissary
Kyrill Member Emissary
Lady Cressida Member Emissary
Lady Dayanara Member Emissary
Lady Ikaros Truthseeker Member Emissary
Lady Squire Tamara MacAbee Member Emissary
Locorious Member Ambassador
Lord Kratos Spiritpaw Member Jester
Miki Nanuk Member Artisan
Nerini Captain Ambassador
Nykon of Ravencroft Member Emissary
Pajen Member Emissary
Pirate Lord Founder
Selric Stonereaver Captain King
Sir Episode Skinrot Captain Emissary
Sir Grand Admiral Anne Cash Member Emissary
Sir Malmoria Winters Captain Sage
Stormcrow Giggleshadows, the Relentless Member Emissary
Tiberious Stronghold Member Bishop