Bearclaw Thunder

Name: Bearclaw Thunder
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are a new fighting company. We seek to develop the minds and bodies of our warriors. We hope to grow in strength and abilities to fight as one! To learn the techniques that enable us to move as one! To protect our family, (the company) and defeat our enemies.
History: We were founded in August of 2011. We have been in the mind of our founder Sir Duffer for about 15 years now. We were a long time between groups and now that we have found a home with Amtgard, we hope to thrive and grow!


Member Role Title
Angus Member
Arban the Red Member Prospect
blight witherfang Member Silver
Cayleigh Blackheart Member Prospect
Drekka Rune Member Prospect
Echo Undumiel Member Prospect
Harris Member Prospect
Kere Osborn Member Prospect
Kiba The White fang Member Silver
Kyra Kadais Member Silver
Lady Morgana Rendrag Member Bronze
Rayne Member Prospect
Raziel Member Bronze
Sir Duffer Cole Member Patriarch
Sparrow Member Bronze
Theneral Member Prospect
Volkmar Griffinborn Member Member
WarBar Member Silver
Zontario Member Prospect