XXII Legion

Name: XXII Legion
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The 22nd Legion is an Amtgard affiliated household consisting of current and former military service members. We seek to celebrate our shared culture and to offer support to one another within the wider Amtgard and LARP communities. The name 22nd Legion comes from a VA estimate that twenty-two veterans commit suicide daily. By finding strength in one another, we hope to help reduce this statistic to the lowest possible number. Current Kingdom and Group Reps Blackspire - Macsen Burning Lands - Casio Celestial Kingdom - Lirael Maerad McKrotch Crystal Groves - Corran Gray Desert Winds - Sven Dragonspine - Matthew Fuentes Emerald Hills - Armek Labrys Golden Plains - OPEN Goldenvale - Anders Iron Mountains - Eronim Faitzhand Neverwinter - Qilamil Nine Blades - Eliah Northern Lights - Ursa Runa Leicaster Northreach - Richter Sterling Polaris - Roderik Madra Rua/Redfox Rising Winds - Alexander Ogreslayer Rivermoor - OPEN Tal Dagore - Fira Ironscales Viridian Outlands - Ursa Runa Leicaster Wetlands - Furball Tigris Westmarch - OPEN Winter's Edge - OPEN Korea Rep - SEANY MAC Mazer
History: -Founded in 2016 -SCA Chapter was added in 2018 by Sir Brynjar


Member Role Title
Ahnalesh Member Rising Winds
Aishling Earthwalker Member Tal Dagore
Akryn Member Blackspire
Anders Goldenvale Rep
Arcanus Redwolf Member Emerald Hills
Arch Duke Sir Shadow Dragon Sesshomaru Member Wetlands
ArchDuke Sir Gaelin of Devenshire Member Northern Lights
Arden of All Roads Member Northern Lights
Argus the assassin bane Member Winter's Edge
Armek Dark Labrys Member Emerald Hills Rep
Aurelius Member Tal Dagore
Azmandius Member Rising Winds
Bad Wolf Member Northern Lights
Baine Sidhe Member Blackspire
Balach of the Holly Member Celestial
Balor Fomori Member Northern lights
Bargrot Falinson Member Rivermoor
Baroness Kirkleen der Verlorenen Member Polaris
Baronet Judex Stormborn Member Tal Dagore
Baronet Lord Gromal Finlay Member Rising Winds Ebonmarch Rep
Baronet Master Atlas Member Tal Dagore
Baronet Swiper Member Wetlands
Bartholomew the Black Member Golden Plains
Bastion Member Northern Lights
Bjorn Grimfrost Member Freeholds
Blackthorn Member Freeholds
Bobbaddicus Member Northern Lights
Bulldog Direwolf Wyngarde Member Celestial
Chef Fister Starduste Member Celestial
Corran Gray Member Crystal Groves Rep
Dame Casio Carpathian Member Burning Lands Rep
Defender Sir Pyro Flamespitter Member Celestial
Drake Bloodblade Member Northern Lights
Drax Cummuni Member Northern Lights
Dreadd Jester (Formerly Olan Kram of Morgarock, CK) Member Rivermoor
Drunken (class) Member Blackspire
Duke Leshil Ful An MacTire Member Polaris
Durnik Aldursvale Darkjester Member Northern Lights
Edward HalfElven Member Emerald Hills
Eliah Member Nine Blades Rep
Eniad Norreh Member Emerald Hills
Eoghan Roe Member Dragonspine
Erinae Esh Trel Member Northern Lights
Eronim Faitzhand Member Iron Mountains Rep
Etah Obsidyn Member Westmarch
Faolan Lemons Member Freeholds
Faylan Daystar Member Iron Mountains
Fira Ironscales Member Tal Dagore Rep
Furball Member Wetlands Rep
Ganre Member Rising Winds
Gargg Member Dragonspine
Gilernil ly\'vain Member Northern Lights
Gilthanis Member Polaris
Goglestofin Member Iron Mountains
Greymane Wolfie Brightflame Member Winter's Edge
Griffon Darkangel Member Northern Lights
Gwenhwvar Member Crystal Groves
Hamcat Member Polaris
Heilmon Stromwall Member Rising Winds
Hellor Highwater Member Desert Winds
Horns the Crazed Wanderer Member Viridian Outlands
Hrafn Mimirson Member Desert Winds
Hyperion Battle Bourne Member Northern Lights
James the Strongbow Member Polaris
Jawa Utini Wyngarde Wetlands Rep
Jaxom Ironwood Member Tal Dagore
Johan Member Northern Lights
Judd Anderson Member Northern Lights
Kanphuzian Duskwalker Member Northern Lights
Karlsefny Kirkason Member Blackspire
Koschei Member Northreach
Lharche Or\'zuke Member Northern Lights
Lirael Harkonnus McKrotch Member Celestial Kingdom Rep
Little Wolf Member Blackspire
Lord Derfel Cadarn Member Polaris
Lord Hydra Malorius Member Northern Lights
Lord Jeramai Member Iron Mountains
Lord Man at Arms Sven Tatanka Berline Fancyheart Member Desert Winds
Lord Skippy Skipsalot Member Rising Winds
Lord Squire Asinann Thex Member Northern Lights
Lord Valador Delacroix Member Celestial
Lucid Varg Member Neverwinter
Lynx Lil Floof Member Emerald Hills
Macsen Member Blackspire Rep
Maestro Ogreslayer Everdong Member Rising Winds Rep
Master Volstaff Member Rising Winds
Murphy O\'hUgin Member Northern Lights
Overlord Ravenos Kinslayer Member Neverwinter
Percival Member Northern Lights
Phase Forgotten Member Tal Dagore
Phydeaux Member Freeholds
Psyava Member Iron Mountains
Qilamil DuChevalier Member Neverwinter Rep
Razor Member Tal Dagore
Rex O\'Connor Member Goldenvale
Richter Sterling Member Northreach Rep
Roderick (Red Fox) Madra rua Polaris Rep
Sabine Member Wetlands
Sangriel Member Burning Lands
Scyph Kordaghn Member Northern Lights
Ser Jynx Mercades Member Crystal Groves
Shade Hunter Member Northern Lights
Shardrine Longstride Member Rising Winds Lochaven Rep
Shyden Hellsfire Member Northern Lights
Sir Brynjar Member Blackspire/SCA
Sir Hawk Member Blackspire
Sir Lucas OL IV Member Desert Winds
Sir Manama Proster, Songkeeper Member Rising Winds
Sir Shadow Member Celestial
Sir Wilhelm von Eisenwald Member Celestial
Siren Divina Mort Member Northern Lights
Skeeter Everhard Member Northern Lights
Skorri Member Northern Lights
Squire Beez Member Tal Dagore
Steel Brightblade Member Emerald Hills
Stormcrow Giggleshadows, the Relentless Member Wetlands
Talon Blackfoot_Black Talon Member Northern Lights
Talon Ravensclaw Member Desert Winds
Tara Wolf Member Dragonspine
Thunderbush Tree Realgar Star Member Winter\'s Edge
Tiberius Atellus Member Westmarch
Tieberius Lavitz Member Polaris
Tri Fairweather Member Winter\'s Edge
Trigger Member Rivermoor
Tundra Stonemist Member Tal Dagore
Turtle Member Northern Lights
Ursa Runa Leicaster Northern Lights Rep
Valak Member Northern Lights
Warhound Stormhammer Member Freeholds
Weega Member Northern Lights
William Square Member Celestial
Wut Dafuq Member Rising Winds Midgard Rep
Yuri Bane Member Celestial