Dragon Blade Mercenaries

Name: Dragon Blade Mercenaries
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are a fighting unit formed in what is formerly known as the Desert Rose, a park within the now Kingdom of the Desert Winds. Dragon Blades pride ourselves in having not only good but honorable fighters, many of which have or are holding office, but members who are committed to the game and our respective parks / Kingdom. Dragon Blade Mercenary Mission Statement We the Dragon Blade Mercenaries will Serve and Protect the populace of our park, and Kingdom, as the foremost fighting company; as friends we will unify under one banner, a cohesive fighting unit; as members we will contribute to the Dream by actively competing in the Arts & Sciences, holding offices at park and Kingdom level, and by actively participating within the company itself. We will set the bar for other fighting companies, households, and individuals to strive for.
History: Founded by Anton Sorvon in 2004, we have grown from a handful of average fighters to a company of better than average players whom continuously strive for perfection. We are always active within our park trying to better all the many aspects of Amtgard life. There are currently members of the company in at least three different Kingdoms in the known Amtgard world.


Member Role Title
Anira Rose Member
Arivan Thesher Member
Baroness Snow Bryna Vixen Member
Baronet Tyria Member
Baronet Zioet Vici Member Lieutenant
Baronett Antigone Aeantis Member
Blackfire Moonshadow Member
Canute Alfarinson Member
Dragon Member
Duchess Saint Rachel Hollyrose Member Lieutenant
Eliana Treeleaf Member
Eragon Member
Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar von Darkjester Member Lieutenant
Felrith son of Vexx Member
Jin Member
Kaiser Member
Krod Featherbritches Member
Lady Draeva Corvidae, Esquire Member
Lady Kiiri Duabhar Member
Lil' Miss Locks Tittays Derriere Member
Lord Anton Member Founder
Lord Squire Jewbacca Member
Ludsoe Member
Master Baronet Jynx Black Member
Phoenix Silverclaw Member
Plunder Member
Saint Sunflower Hat Stealer Member
Saint Vexx Furia Member
Sama Whiskey Ovarius Brandybuck Member Pledge Captain
Sesasha Member
Sir Nidalap Member Lieutenant/Captain
Syke Member
Torin Member
Vhaeragohst Nailo Member
Yang Duabhar Member