House Tankard

Name: House Tankard
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Tankard is in existence for the soul purpose of revalry and fellowship. We do submit that we are a household centered around the use of mead, ale, lager, and other forms of malted beverage so the only restriction on our household is that our members must be of legal drinking age for their country. Oh, and no winos!
History: Once upon a time, four drunkards decided that they wished to celebrate that which brought them together. So after sobering up, they created a singular banner that they could unite under regardless of their beverage preference. With that, House Tankard was born.


Member Role Title
ArchDuke Sir Neobrood Breeder Cassius Member
Baron Drengr Ragnarok Fenadelig Aesir Member
Briluk Ironbear Member
Brog Member
Charna \'The Skald\' Greenpen, disembowler of teddies Member
Count Constantine Carpathian Member
Countess Saint Sylvi Muktuk Member
Croww Member
Cthol Irongrip of Cragganmoor Member
Dame Maeve Member
Gideon Stormcaller Member
Grand Dutchess Dama Casio Carpathian Member
Halo Member
Hrog Blackraven Member
Kazuma Kharonsblood Member
Kiree Dendrall Member
Lady Bronwyn Member
Lady Kyia Lashpaw DragonHeart Member
Lee Jung Member
Lirael Harkonnus McKrotch Member
Lord Donovan DuBree Lord Founder
Lord Graff DuBree Lord Founder
Lord Muse Spiritpaw Member
Lord Venna Member
Mouse Member
Pablo the Great Member
Puma D. Pants Member
Ragar Member
Ragnar Mace Member
Richter Sterling Member
Sevron Member
Sir Admiral Jenocide Southerland Lord Founder
Sir Jubei Lonewolf Lashpaw Member
Sir Manthax Halar Captain
Sir Raven Bex Member
Sir Saint Cato Castillo Halar Moonskar Dragonsbeard Lord Founder
Skeevy J the White Stag of Thorn Mountain Member
Tajima Member
Talis Rushlock Member
Tarkus Member
Trigger Member
VaLance Draigonnos Member
Wulfric Lightning Fullmast Member
Zander the Reaper Member