House Odin

Name: House Odin
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are a strategy and team based household, utilizing traditional group fighting tactics with a new age outlook for opportunities to improve.
History: House Odin was founded in 2009 by a Hemdell Odinborn, and his now two Men at Arms, Enigma Odinborn and Sparrow Odinborn. Hemdell earned his position as All-father(and head of household) to which he still holds today. The early years of the household were spent training his spry, young pupils how to hold a sword, and more importantly, how to fight. After training and expanding his household grew to be 20 strong, with some of the fiercest and most field aware fighters out there. Its been 7 years now and Hemdell, along with his two Men at Arms, are still training, fighting, and changing the tides of battle.


Member Role Title
Enigma the Lone Wolf Captain Founder
Hemdell Odinborn Lord Founder
Klitavious Member Member
Ragna Member Member
Ralderick Member Member
Sparrow Captain Founder
WarBar Member Member