Traitors Gate


An active park with a great mix of new and old players. Ditching, Multiple Battle games, and mix of Arts and Science demos with skilled masters.nnnJoin Us on Facebook at


We meet on Sundays from 12pm till dark at Mcallister Park Pavilion #2 13298 Buckhorn Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247

Park Monarchy

Park Days

When Time Purpose Map Location
Every Sunday 12:00 PM Regular Park Day Alternate Park 13298 Buckhorn Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247, USA


Event Next Date
Summer Crown Qualifications
Oct. 1, 2023
Winter Crown Qualifications
Sep. 28, 2019
Fighting Tournament
Dec. 3, 2017
Kingdom visit: Traitors Gate
Sep. 28, 2014
San Japan
San Japan
San Japan
San Japan
Summer Collegium
Jul. 6, 2014
Summer Coronation: Park
May. 18, 2014
Summer Crown Qualifications
Summer Dragonmaster
Aug. 2, 2014
Summer Midreign
Summer Park Midreign
Aug. 17, 2014
Summer Relic Quest
Winter Collegium
Winter Coronation
Nov. 16, 2014
Winter Crown Qualifications
Winter Dragonmaster
Jan. 27, 2018
winter midreign
Winter Midreign: Park
Mar. 2, 2014
Winter Relic Quest
Winter Weaponmaster


Tournament Event Date