Curse of the Plains Walker

Kingdom The Empire of Rivermoor
Park White Tail Hollow
Title Curse of the Plains Walker


Curse of the Plains Walker

Price Date Website Location Map Active Attendance
20 2014-10-24, 12 PM
2014-10-26, 12 PM
Great Pumpkin FB Event [ Link ] 3821 East Main Street, Vermillion, SD 57069, USA No Attendance
Curse of the Great Pumpkin: our growing Rivermoor event and Principality coronation, held at the Ufford Hills Private Campground.
20 2015-10-16, 12 PM
2015-10-18, 12 PM
[ Link ] No Attendance
25 2016-10-07, 12 AM
2016-10-09, 12 AM
Facebook Event [ Link ] 402 Forest Dr, Bellevue, NE 68005, USA No Attendance
When: 07 October ­ 09 October
Where: 402 Forest Dr
Bellevue, NE 68005
United States
Adult ­ $25 ($9 Friday/$16 Saturday)
Children ­ $12 ($4 Friday/$8 Saturday) $5 OFF YOUR GATE IF TRAVELING OVER 200 


Curse 2016

Event Schedule
•••Friday 07Oct16•••
4pm  Gate Opens
6pm  Dinner 
7pm  (Dusk) Great Sword Tourney ­ Hosted by His Majesty
9pm  Nighthunter 

•••Saturday 08Oct16•••
9am  Breakfast 
10am  Payload Battle (Militia)
1130am  Court Time Available 
1pm  Lunch
2pm  Hold the Zone (Full Class, Up to Level 2)
4pm  Defense of the Amtgarders (Full Class, Up to Level 4)
6pm  Final Battle (Full Class, Full Levels)
8pm  Dinner
9pm  End Reign Court and Coronation

•••Sunday 09Oct16•••
Clean up and roll out! 
20 2018-10-12, 12 AM
2018-10-14, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
25 2019-10-11, 12 AM
2019-10-13, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
This year we are going back to visit some old Curse classics with a villain heavy Kingdom Hearts event. Out at the original curse site in Vermilion, South Dakota, we will enjoy a hog roast, KH themed quests and battles games,fighting in a corn maze, a castle, and it\'s a wet site. \r\nGate Fees:\r\n$25 – Grown up folks\r\n$10 -10 and under\r\nThis includes the tent fees. There is an additional fee if you wish to bring a camper. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nDay 1\r\n\r\nOpening Ceremony\r\n\r\nDitching- so people can warm up before the games begins.\r\n\r\nDinner- Roasted pig, mashed potatoes a fruit chutney*\r\n\r\nKnighting Vigils \r\n\r\nUrsula’s Bardic- Disney related song are not required but encouraged of course.\r\n\r\nHeartless Night Hunter- Night hunter. Collect as many MUNNY (glow sticks) as we can.\r\n\r\nDay 2 \r\nRomku’s Knight (Dawn)\r\n\r\nBreakfast omelet in a bag (will be able to select toppings)*\r\n\r\nKids area- opens after breakfast.\r\n\r\nOlympus Coliseum- aka this will be a tourney and will get a prize to use in later games. We want to fun two tourneys at the same time so we can run the women’s tourney and the normal one.\r\n\r\nWonderland- You need to prove Alice’s innocence. Eat me drink me potions to give improvements and will be dropped randomly.\r\n\r\nLunch- Pulled pork Sandwiches & fruit cocktail*\r\n\r\nElephant graveyard: Get across this land of hyenas and outwit the mighty Scar. \r\n\r\nHalloween town: you must save Santa as a quest and defeat lock, shock, and barrel and then boogie as the boss battle.\r\n\r\nDinner- Pasta bar and salad*\r\n Dessert- The Gray Stuff (IT’S DELICIOUS)*\r\nTuagh’s Knighting & Court\r\nDay 3\r\n\r\n\r\n Clean-up and leave\r\n\r\n\r\n*all meals have vegetarian option\r\n***Battlegames are tentative and maybe adjusted.
35 2021-09-30, 12 AM
2021-10-03, 12 AM
[ Link ] Pomme De Terre Dam Outlet Park, Hermitage, MO 65668, USA Yes Attendance