Proletariat Huddle

Name: Proletariat Huddle
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A dirty Peasant rabble hellbent on revolution and/or 40 oz's. The goal is to facilitate the creation of new Paragon Peasants. We engage in anything from collective bargaining to bloody revolution to achieve our goals of gaining better standards of living for our working class brothers. I mean, uh...we is gonna burn yer citys down if you doesn't give us moar bred!
History: Formed at Spring War during Lord Fog's reign by Paragon Peasant Airforce and Peasant Castro (who is being gatekept from Paragon by Nobles with squatters' envy). Sponsored by Lord Paragon Peasant No Confidence. Protests have been held by this group at Spring Wars courts, Castlemania RP Tavern, and Celestial Kingdom Midreigns. ALMS OR REVOLUTION!


Member Role Title
Castro Founder
Chair Force Member
Nocon Fidence Lord