The Drunken Dragon

Name: The Drunken Dragon
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A tavern on the wayside with an inviting feel appears with in the woods on the edge of reality. Come drink, make merry and enjoy some company! We\'re all friends here. Loosely Based on the Anime Fairy Tale/ and the guild with in it. We hold our Tavern and quest board at events to give more flavor to the environment
History: Began as a role-play group on Facebook and after events and story took place it was decided to go from just another Facebook group to a Household.


Member Role Title
Bartholomew the Black Member Friar
Black Ax Member Patron
Bloody Jack Flint Member Cook
Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Member Patron/ Paster
Daggers Member The Quill
Dame Lillian Member Momma
Dawn Thornhill Member Patron
Iggnatious Member Father priest
Javier Backstabber Member Guardian
Marquis Meliodas Wynn Member Yesman
Meliodas Member
Nam Hwaryong Member Brewmaster
Renity Member Organizer
Reptile no Genken Member Guardian
Sir Grei Darkjester Member Patron
Sir Lord Nightmare Dragonspawn Member Patron
Tezzeret Rosewood the Wandering Bard Member Bardmaster
Thendor Greyskull Member Guardian
VaLance Draigonnos Captain Master
Zsadist Nightshade Member Mistress