Celestial Griffons

Name: Celestial Griffons
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Nocturnal protectors.
History: The Celestial Griffons were formed by Galaness Von Eichman. They a mysterious mostly nocturnal group. They hail from Midnight Sun. Even though Galaness was in the death nights court. He was also rallying the clans in the rebellion at midreign, and defeating the Banshie and her minions. Now once again they have stepped into the shadows,but are always watching and protecting the kingdom.


Member Role Title
Artemis Zaknafein Emory Member
Celestia Mistress of the house
Darrelus Member
Ekim McCarthy Member Captain of the Rangers
Gaelstrom Member
Galaness Von Eichmann Lord Founder
Hendrix Bayne Member man at arms
Linas Member
Mad Dawg Member
Med Captain House healer
Meranda Emory Member
Musashi McCarthy Member
Roberick Dorean Member
Romeo Member
Salathiel Member
Stryfe Doombringer Member
Vibosa Member Head druid (grounds keeper)
Xadens Cudda Berrah Member