Clan Blackmaw

Name: Clan Blackmaw
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Blackmaw orcs revel in battle, and thrive in war. As a clan, we make our clanmates stronger though trial and lessons. A Blackmaw does not forget his family line, know him by his tattooed jaw. A Blackmaw does not retreat or yeild, for in their tounge both words mean death. A Blackmaw is one with his weapon, earned in combat, seperated by nothing. And Blackmaw do not battle, we WAR.
History: Clan Blackmaw formed by Kalenn Underhill on 03-20-2011.\r\n\r\nThis house was formed with RP in mind, and seek players that share a sense of Role-play and passion.


Member Role Title
Amethyst Panther Member Den Mother
Anarchy Member Warrior
Blade Shadowwind Member Warrior
Demendred Member Warrior
Draco Member Warrior
Grim Member Warrior
Kalenn Underhill Member Lord of the Clan
Keira Member Warrior
Lyra Member Initiate
Moose Member Warchief - Razorhills
Psyco Member Initiate
Rhonwen Member Property
Saja Tappava Member Initiate
Twisted Member Warrior
Venomus Princess Member Initiate
Wolfgard Martel Member Warrior