Saracens: Tribe Templar

Name: Saracens: Tribe Templar
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: A tribe of Saracens found in the Emerald Hills. We strive to better ourselves on the field and our Kingdom and the game off the field. Currently We are led by the following Officers: Chieftain: Eniad Lt: TBD Warspeaker: Sir Kenta
History: Coming Soon


Member Role Title
Akira Tsuji Member Saracen
Artemis Zaknafein Emory Member Initiate
Cynisca Member Initiate
Darkson Member Saracen
Discord Turtle Member Saracen
Ewen McFadden Member High Speaker
Gabriel Member Saracen
Grr Member Initiate
Jordan Redhawk Member Saracen
Kelldor Darkonus Dragonspawn Member Saracen
Kodi Redhawk Member Saracen
Marcus Crunus Member Initiate
Mime Member Initiate
Samantha Three Jugs Member Saracen
Shades Moonwraith Member Initiate
Shin Samqua Member Initiate
Tobias Djevelet Member Saracen
Virgil Veneficus Member Saracen