Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Order of the Owl 8 2023-06-25 Dame Phoebe Smiley creates weapons that span the game completely. He is continually working to make his products better, safer, and easier to use for everyone. He does not always enter items into arts and science competitions but his work still speaks for itself. I believe he should be a master owl but I was hesitant to recommend a jump from 5th order to masterhood so I went in the middle.
Dame Phoebe Master Lion 10 2023-07-24 Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Leadership within GoK at the event. Serving and organizing volunteer's for gate, security, trash, etc. As well as site communication during cabin issues smoothing over player complaints and make for an overall enjoyable event. All while not being part of the cray team just simply volunteering her time to do these things. I believe a master lion is more than warranted.
Dartanion Order of Battle 2 2023-03-09 Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Superior play as assassin in battle games at Kingdom of Golden Plains Coronation.
Dartanion Order of Battle 3 2023-03-09 Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Playing assassin to a level that from more than thirty feet away with a throwing dagger took down a 6th level wizard then turning and doing the same to a 6th level archer, single handily become the focus of the other team and swinging the momentum in the favor of his team.