Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Akryn Master Owl 10 2024-01-24 Thorfin Hillbreaker For his dedication to to the making of leather wares. For being a teacher of the craft for those who are in need of advice and tips to perfect their own craft. Making sure that the people are well equipped for the battle ahead. They have consistently been there and never to busy to lend a helping hand at whatever the task might be.
Baine Sidhe Battlemaster 10 2021-11-18 Akryn For consistent and repeated showing of exemplary skill on the battlefield. in the records with 4 paragons and 2 more that have been lost to time this player more than deserves to be recognized for this level of play for so long.
Berry Bear Order of the Smith 1 2023-07-18 Huck Manyfoots Crafting prowess
Cat Viserion Tendragon Order of Battle 9 2023-03-19 Rodnik Ferrowell During Spring war 29, Cat was an essential asset to her team. She strategically worked with her comrades in order to target and repel threats with abilities while also being on the FRONT line in heavy bridge combat. Her contributions in fighting and battlefield control are directly responsible for the difficulty the attacking team had advancing.
Cat Viserion Tendragon Order of the Owl 9 2024-03-12 Louie Flameseeker Knighting belt for Dagon
Cat Viserion Tendragon Order of the Owl 10 2024-03-29 Dame Kiafia Or'zuke beautifully made chain belt for Kiafia's knighting gift
Cayden Conroy Order of the Dragon 1 2022-10-23 Drax Cummuni Making a leather belt
Crimson Order of Battle 1 2023-09-10 Skorri for movign the objective, informing those around them to assist in placing said item for the victory point at pacwar 2023
Crimson Order of the Griffin 1 2023-09-10 Skorri by explaining and taking shots for confusing fights with much honor and chivalry
Crimson Order of the Warrior 1 2023-09-10 Skorri participating in the Non-Men's tournament at pacwar 2023
Dagon Hellsfire Order of the Garber 8 2022-04-26 RoseThorn Made awesome armor that looks amazing!
Dee Metria Order of the Lion 6 2022-10-09 Sir Lharche Or\'zuke Helping Organize and run the tournaments at NLCC Fall 2022
Dee Metria Paragon Color 1 2021-11-04 Silenus Of 3 peers, 3 said Dee Metria is worthy of Paragon Color for her services. 3 spoke of how Dee Metria goes above and beyond to ensure she is engaging the populace on how to perform in office, the functions of many aspects of the game, amd overall engagement. When asked, 1 peer spoke that Iron Keel would not exist if Dee Metria were not there as she is #1 in keeping the park going for years
Draco Kitty Baronet 2021-11-14 Kanphuzian Duskwalker during their time in the office of regent for their duchy they continuously went above and beyond what is required for that office to ensure that they're populous was both informed and offered opportunities to showcase their talent and improve upon their art.
Draco Kitty Lord 2022-09-06 Tycoon Damn Kanary D\'Vorah For always being in an officer position to his park
Eldrin Sporegaurd Order of the Owl 1 2024-04-13 Tierse Celistonne Creating beautiful, well-crafted weapons with bi-colour covers.
Elles Angelica Stormveil Custom Award 2021-10-31 Kanphuzian Duskwalker recommending for the title of the Master the ability to recommend for the title of Master is not an option, hence the custom award recommendation) for a well done reign as champion of obsidian Grove. she has gone above and beyond the requirements of the office, going above and beyond whenever able.
Hexenhammer Order of the Jovius 2 2022-09-07 Lord Kieran Exquisite Mischief Pompous Fancypants, Faraque Fen Moose Soon Sylvain Poppy Hasting BamBamm is a fun character and persona to play with or against. He is cheerful and upbeat, and is a great addition to the atmosphere of the game. I'm from another kingdom, and another US state, and I came here to recommend this guy for this award because he deserves it 110%.
Hexenhammer Order of the Rose 4 2021-11-08 Nelloon De\'Varius For helping teach Battlegames at Kumuricon 2021 “Kingdom of Blackspire - Amtgard LARPing on Demand”
Kai Soulfull Order of Battle 1 2022-04-07 Matriarch Guin Llewellyn Part of the hella hybris team that won the NLCC spring 22 team battlegame tournament
Karlsefny Kirkason Master Garber 6 2022-01-27 Revna Bloodaxe A&S entry into EH/ FM
Kitt the Warrior (Kitrell Falconcrest) Order of Battle 8 2023-07-02 Fey Frostleaf Blackthorne Paragon Warrior
Kitt the Warrior (Kitrell Falconcrest) Order of the Dragon 9 2022-07-22 Lady Jerenda Performance at Hearthseer Leo's knighting; and having an ungodly number of Masks
Kitt the Warrior (Kitrell Falconcrest) Order of the Griffin 7 2023-07-02 Fey Frostleaf Blackthorne For showing nothing but honor and grace, both during tournaments and on the battlefield.
Lenalin Master Lion 4 2022-10-05 Lord Kieran Exquisite Mischief Pompous Fancypants, Faraque Fen Moose Soon Sylvain Poppy Hasting For leadership outside of office - organizing and running battlegames at NLCC Fall 2022
Lenalin Master Rose 2023-10-24 Master Lord Wren Brightblade For extensive work retrieving past data across kingdoms from the ORK 1. This effort validates and potentially elevates many players who's records may have previously been lost to time.
Lenalin Order of the Mask 1 2022-11-09 Lord Mason Stone Excellent portrayal of a monster at the 2022 Amtgard Cornmaze.
Lenalin Order of the Rose 10 2022-10-09 Sir Lharche Or\'zuke Running Multipl games at NLCC Fall, Serving on the Med team when he wasn't running games and spending multiple hours in the kitchen doing dishes when he wasn't doing the other two.
Magenta Fungi Whitehallow Order of the Rose 2 2024-03-29 Dame Kiafia Or'zuke helped serve feast at NLCC Spring 24
Merrick Order of the Warrior 1 2021-12-18 Matriarch Guin Llewellyn 12/18/2021 3 Streak in Morrigan Tournament in Single Short Category
Nelloon De\'Varius Order of the Dragon 1 2021-09-05 Kanphuzian Duskwalker The video he filmed and then shared on the Obsidian Grove Facebook page on Sept 5th, 2021
ONION Order of the Smith 1 2023-07-18 Huck Manyfoots Crafting prowess
Opi Cunningham Order of the Owl 10 2024-01-19 Kimjin Have you guys seen this armor set he made for Lenalin? Absolutely bananas. Insanely cool armor and other leatherwork consistently that havnt been awarded. Much much much deserved
Oso Bearington Order of the Lion 7 2024-03-12 Louie Flameseeker Service as Rules Rep
Oso Bearington Order of the Rose 7 2024-03-23 DoodleBug Starlight Providing the masses with hand cranked hogs
Oso Bearington Order of the Rose 7 2024-03-25 Louie Flameseeker Hogs
Oso Bearington Order of the Walker in the Middle 2023-05-24 Rook Whitehallow Rules knowledge and capacity for battlegame reeving that outstrips my own. Oso's time as Blackspire's rules representative has definitely not gone without growing to comprehend V8 on a level that most can only wish for.
Renegade Order of Battle 10 2023-09-10 Arcanus Redwolf complete battlefield domination regardless of class, and the battlefield defeat of multiple knights, PacWar 2023
Renegade Paragon Anti Paladin 2024-03-26 Louie Flameseeker Skill and dedication to the class above the advanced level.
Rogue Order of the Rose 4 2022-05-25 Squire Envy darkjester For helping with security at spring war
Rogue Order of the Rose 5 2022-05-25 Squire Envy darkjester For working security at an ik level event
Rowana of Wyvernweald Knight of the Serpent 2021-09-08 Silenus For her outstanding skill in the arts, extensive personal background in the Arts and Sciences, and her donated works to the kingdom
Rozlyn Order of Battle 1 2023-11-06 Huck Manyfoots Understanding and utilizing her class
Sir Derek Roth Order of the Smith 9 2022-05-20 Mithius Silverbow Teaching classes at SKBC 2022
Sir Requiem Darksun, Master Illuminator of Blackspire Paragon Color 1 2021-10-26 Silenus What has Requiem not done for Blackspire? What parts have been plaid in realms of service that he hasn't had at least a small hand in?
Sir Vaune Shadowglave Order of the Lion 5 2022-10-09 Sir Lharche Or\'zuke Helping Organize and run the tournaments at NLCC Fall 2022
Tycoon Damn Kanary D\'Vorah Order of the Lion 5 2024-03-12 Louie Flameseeker Time as leader of the Scribes Guild
Wicke Kellinglo Order of the Rose 3 2023-08-28 Baelanos Shael Design of Business Cards & Flyers for connecting interested parties to the Holding Discord, as well as the Amtgard website.