Award Recommendations

Kingdom Persona Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Catrysa Trakand Order of the Dragon 8 2024-03-27 Caesare For their very emotional performance at the firepit bardic at Spring War 30.
Fuzzy Knight of the Flame 2021-09-02 Xion Snow
Fuzzy Knight of the Flame 1 2021-12-22 Creslin I just recently found out he's had his Master rose since 2000? He's older, sick, and has young kids, but still volunteers
Fuzzy Order of the Crown 9 2021-09-03 Xion Snow 8th or 9th Crown. Kingdom Prime Minister, Kingdom Regent, Duke, 3 terms as Duchy Prime Minister, Baron, Baronial Chancellor, Shire Chancellor; not to mention time spent on several different Kingdom BODs. I believe 8h or 9th is appropriate, and am hoping for 9th.
Fuzzy Order of the Crown 9 2021-09-23 Ackard Held Kingdom PM and Regent positions. 3 terms as Duchy level PM. A huge assortment of lower level elected service. Service in several kingdom's BoDs. Has given to Amtgard far beyond what their current 5 Crowns currently reflect.
Ivan the Hyena Von Doom Master Smith 4 2021-11-24 Duke Sir Stylez H. Selzones Games ran at CK coro 63
Jeshi Shiffer (Blue) Master Owl 10 2021-11-24 Duke Sir Stylez H. Selzones Weapon construction
Nocon Fidence Order of the Dragon 6 2024-03-25 Caesare For their stellar performance of "Stand Out" from 1995 animated film classic Goofy Movie.
Nocon Fidence Paragon Wizard 10 2022-03-18 Sir Zike McNasty, The Wanker Banker Excellence in wizard at spring war
The Dalan Order of the Smith 8 2024-03-27 Caesare For consistently reeving battlegames and tournaments both at park level and major kingdom events, including Spring War 30.