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Dues Paid: No
Password Expires: Expired
Reeve Qualified: No
Corpora Qualified: No
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Kingdom Park Dues Paid Until Dues Paid On Dues For Life?
The Kingdom of Northern Lights Seaside Keep 2024-12-01 2024-06-01 No

Companies & Households

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Class Credits Level
Anti-Paladin 0 0
Archer 0 0
Assassin 0 0
Barbarian 0 0
Bard 0 0
Color 0 0
Druid 0 0
Healer 0 0
Monk 0 0
Monster 0 0
Paladin 0 0
Peasant 0 0
Reeve 0 0
Scout 0 0
Warrior 0 0
Wizard 0 0

Historical Imports

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Award Recommendations

Award Rank Date Sent By Reason
Order of the Crown 1 2024-02-14 Ursa Runa Leicaster Service as GMR of Seaside keep
Order of the Dragon 1 2023-09-09 Hasting Constantly in character, brings his class to life in and out of game
Order of the Dragon 1 2023-09-21 Fen Top notch role play
Order of the Garber 1 2023-09-21 Fen Awesome garb
Order of the Griffin 1 2023-08-21 Flagg During tournament swapped out to a shorter weapon to make a fight more even.
Order of the Griffin 3 2023-10-17 Poppy Murderdragon Never attacks someone from behind.
Order of the Jovius 1 2023-12-05 Aera Leyric GUNNARR is constantly brightening everyone's day and hyping everyone up. I've never seen him in anything short of the best of moods, and his engagement with other parks in the kingdom (both online and in-person whenever possible) ensure that his ability to spread excitement and enthusiasm isn’t limited to just our local park.
Order of the Lion 1 2023-11-09 Kodiak Rubus Hosting multiple reeves test study sessions, both for local players and kingdomwide.
Order of the Mask 1 2023-09-21 Fen For exemplifying (and being) his character at all times
Order of the Mask 2 2024-01-14 Tierse Celistonne Embodies GUNNARR as a larger-than-life entity who is beyond a persona; none of us doubt that GUNNARR is, themself, a very real being.
Order of the Owl 1 2023-09-09 Hasting Iterating on and creating several unique axe designs
Order of the Owl 1 2023-08-21 Flagg Creation of a great axe.
Order of the Smith 1 2023-09-21 Fen Excellent leadership
Order of the Smith 1 2023-10-17 Jeanne Running the very fun swamp game and ensuring everyone's safety
Order of the Warrior 2 2024-03-14 Glooper 3rd place, march 2024, warskills
Order of the Warrior 2 2023-12-19 Astrocates Getting 2nd Place in the Seaside Keep Midreign Class Tournament! Could also be an order of battle for excellent use of class ability during said tournament!


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