Wyvern Mountain


Welcome to Wyvern Mountain! We are (soon to be) the Amtgard Freehold of Klamath Falls, Oregon at Kit Carson park.

We’re a small mining village at the foot of the Matterhorn. Our history books tell us that the many generations ago, when the village was first settled, it was set upon by a horde of Wyverns. For the next several centuries an order of valiant Wyvern Slayers arose from within the populace to protect the village and the mines from the constant onslaught of the Wyverns.

At some point during the time of my great grandfather more than a century ago, without cause or warning, the Wyverns disappeared. Since then the village and the mines have flourished. But the Wyverns that the people of the village had begun to regard as legends, have been spotted flying down the steeps of the Matterhorn.

It seems that a generation of Wyvern Slayers will have to rise in defense of the village once again.


For more information please contact Edwin Belmont or sir gwaine

Park Monarchy

Park Days

When Time Purpose Map Location
Every Sunday 11:00 AM Regular Park Day Alternate Park Oretech, OR 97601, USA


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