NOTE: Grand Duchies in the Rising Winds are "administrative zones" and their officers are actually members of their home parks.

Guild Master of Reeves: Parhelion Grai the Tribune

Prime Minister: Lady Circe Oleandrin, Master and Artist of the Round Table

Monarch: Baronet Lord Squire Vaughn Ulfgar

Regent: Lux Looosha Dragoneye

Champion: Baronet Arthur Clegane

Parks under the Grand Duchy of Ebonmarch include:

~Duchy of Storm Bridge (Louisville and Greater Louiville area)
~Barony of Grim Garrison (Lexington)
~Barony of Five Oaks (Elizabethtown)
~Shire of The Mire (Henderson)
~Shire of Kirin Grove (Ashland)


Please see individual park pages for the appropriate directions.

Park Monarchy

Park Days

When Time Purpose Map Location


Event Next Date
Ky Night Quest
Nov. 18, 2022
Summer Collegium
Summer Coronation
May. 27, 2022
Summer Crown Qualifications
Summer Dragonmaster
Summer Midreign
Summer Relic Quest
Summer Weaponmaster
Winter Collegium
Winter Coronation
Winter Crown Qualifications
Winter Dragonmaster
Winter Midreign
Winter Relic Quest
Winter WM/DM
Feb. 2, 2019


Tournament Event Date