Pegasus Valley


Pegasus Valley is Dragonspine's oldest chapter. Founded as a Barony in August of 1993, For more information see our website at nnnTo maintain the safety of everyone at the park, the following things are currently in effect.n1. Players must have their Covid Vaccines, at least both shots. nn2. Masks are currently optional, but recommended if anyone is wearing theirs before interacting with them or getting within 10 feet.nn3. All Players must have a current Covid Waiver signed and on file.nn4. Children 14-17 are allowed on the field so long as a parent is there with them and waivers must be signed for all children and their parent(s).


Saturday at 12:30pm - Taylor Park at the Northeast corner of Indian School and Pennsylvania.

Park Monarchy

Park Days

When Time Purpose Map Location
Every Saturday 12:00 PM Regular Park Day Alternate Park Indian School Road Northeast & Pennsylvania Street Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87110, USA


Event Next Date
Comic Convention Event
Jan. 9, 2015
Covid-19 Online
Covid-19 Response Week 1
Mar. 28, 2020
December Mid-reign
Dec. 13, 2014
Dragonspine Kingdom Midreign
Feb. 29, 2020
Fall-Winter Coronation
Fall-Winter Reign Coronation
Fall-Winter Reign Crown Qualifications
Feb. 4, 2023
Fall-Winter Reign Relic Quest
Fall-Winter Reign Warmaster
Fall-Winter Reign Weaponmaster
June Mid-reign
Jun. 2, 2018
Mar. 20, 2020
Maize Maze Kingdom Coronation
Nov. 2, 2019
March Coronation
Mar. 7, 2015
September Coronation
Sep. 6, 2014
Spring-Summer Reign Crown Qualifications
Spring-Summer Reign Dragonmaster
Spring-Summer Reign Relic Quest
Spring-Summer Reign Warmaster


Tournament Event Date