Kingdom Winter Midreign (Yule)

Park Hel's Gate
Title Kingdom Winter Midreign (Yule)


Kingdom Winter Midreign (Yule)

Price Date Website Location Map Active Attendance
0 2014-01-19, 9 AM
2014-01-19, 9 PM
[ Link ] 16204 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA No Attendance
Here is a rough schedule of the event:

9am-Site opens up
Open ditching
Class battle
More open ditching
Another class battle
Archery tournament/ Militia battle
Secret Serpent Sign up here:
Amtgard version of "Whose line is it anyways"
Board games/card games/work on A&S projects/socializing

Cost to get in is not finalized yet (due to some issues the event had to be changed). All changes will be posed here, so please check every now and then.
15 2015-01-16, 6 PM
2015-01-17, 9 AM
Shyft's Khajiit Caravan, The Road to Yul [ Link ] 71 West Main Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268, USA Parking for building [ Link ] No Attendance
Accept your invitation to help the gods of Olympus settle their dispute. Battle through the mountain passes on your way to an enchanted waystone to reach them. Solve a mysterious murder, listen to live music and enjoy a campfire midnight feast in an immersive, indoor, overnight, Amtgard event like nothing you've ever experienced, Shyft's Khajiit Caravan. Brought to you by the Bloodd Wolves. Cost $15

FYI: The address used is the actual address for the building, for directions use the map URL link, it will bring you to the parking lot we will be using for the event. 15 Schier's Way Waynesboro PA 17268
10 2015-01-17, 9 AM
2015-01-18, 6 AM
FB Event Page [ Link ] 16204 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA Wilson Ruritan [ Link ] No Attendance
$10 entry fee
$5 for children 5 to 13
Children under 5 Free

9:00am Gate opens, Sign in for Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster
10:00am Roleplay quest begins
10:45am Sign ins close
11:00am Weaponmaster Tournament and Dragonmaster judging begin
1:00pm Lunch, Class games begin, RP workshop
3:00pm Macrame Workshop
6:00pm Feast
7:00pm Court
Afterwards we will allow anyone to spend the night to go to Duchy Coronation which is at the same site in the morning.

Menu so far,
Lunch (Dawn Buettner Bullis)
Chicken shepherds pie
Vegetable shepherds pie
Beef stroganoff, couscous, goat cheese and mushroom Stromboli ravioli
Squash, zucchini, tomato, and broccoli tops sautéed in a butter wine scampi sauce, on a bed of couscous, and a side of goat cheese and mushroom Stromboli ravioli
25 2016-01-15, 12 AM
2016-01-17, 12 AM
[ Link ] 16204 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA No Attendance
25 2017-01-20, 12 AM
2017-01-22, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
Kingdom Winter Midreign, Grand Duchy Coronation. Gate Opens at 2:00pm EST
0 2018-01-20, 8 AM
2018-01-21, 7 PM
Kingdom of Crystal Groves [ Link ] No Attendance
This is the event page for Yule:\r\nLocation: Grand Duchy Of Crystal Groves\r\nWhen: January 19th-21st\r\n\r\nAuto: Rose Stormclaw ( Mckenna Swan)\r\nAuto co: Rellik (Josh Georges)\r\nAuto co : Mom ( Patricia Boarman)\r\nWar O Crat : Nimur ( Ritchie Vega )\r\nWar O Crat : Kvothe (Donovan Mason)\r\nWar O Crat : The Lilith (Katelyn Robey)\r\nRp: Servora (Savanna Swan)\r\nTroll: Frass Stonecrusher a.k.a Frassy (Brad Shingler)\r\nCo: Arden (Alan Lane)\r\nSecurity: Bagel ( David Beall )\r\nCo: Everest (Scotty Thurber) and Chim Chi (Kevin Amick)\r\nMed : Crystal Corps\r\nDeco: Therine (Catherine Jackson)\r\nDeco: Fer (Jennifer Jasckson)\r\nDeco: Tithenmamiwen (Rachel Deter)\r\nDeco: Thrakena ( Elizabeth Gibson)\r\nFeast O Crat: Janos (Angel Roman)\r\nFeast O Crat: Zamorack (Carl Lewis)\r\nTrash-O-Crat: Steph Jacob\r\n\r\nThe Tourney will be a Warlord Sports Tourney at 11pm on Saturday the 20th\r\nRun by Elravere (K.J. Starr)\r\n\r\nDragon Master\r\nSaturday Jan 20th. Judging will start at 1:15.\r\nRun by Archie V (Chris Jones)\r\n\r\nPrices:\r\nFree event\r\n\r\n\r\nWar Schedule to be announced\r\nAnnounced Times subject to change
25 2020-01-17, 12 AM
2020-01-19, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
0 2022-01-15, 12 AM
2022-01-15, 12 AM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
Online Discord Court for Kingdom Midreign at Yule.
0 2022-01-15, 12 AM
2022-01-15, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
Online Discord Court for Kingdom Midreign at Yule.