Winter Coronation

Kingdom The Celestial Kingdom
Title Winter Coronation


Winter Coronation

Price Date Website Location Map Active Attendance
25.00 2021-11-19, 3 AM
2021-11-21, 12 PM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
0.00 2021-11-19, 12 AM
2021-11-21, 12 AM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
0.00 2020-11-14, 12 AM
2020-11-14, 12 AM
[ Link ] Yes Attendance
20.00 2019-11-08, 12 AM
2019-11-10, 12 AM
[ Link ] Camp Lone Star Rd, La Grange, TX 78945, USA Yes Attendance
$10 for kids 5-12
15.00 2018-11-09, 12 PM
2018-11-11, 12 PM
Facebook [ Link ] 2016 Camp Lone Star Rd, La Grange, TX 78945, USA Google Maps, Camp Lonestar [ Link ] No Attendance
Adults, $15
Children 5 - 13, $8
Children 4 and under, free.

Sela House rooms are $100 for the weekend and hold four people (five if someone sleeps on the couch) and cabins are $200 and hold 12.
15.00 2018-11-09, 12 AM
2018-11-11, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
0.00 2017-11-10, 3 PM
2017-11-12, 12 PM
[ Link ] 2016 Camp Lone Star Rd, La Grange, TX 78945, USA No Attendance
Coronation Reign 55
0.00 2016-11-11, 12 AM
2016-11-13, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance
0.00 2015-11-13, 12 PM
2015-11-15, 12 PM
[ Link ] Camp Lone Star Rd, La Grange, TX 78945, USA No Attendance
0.00 2014-11-07, 12 AM
2014-11-09, 12 AM
[ Link ] Alabama, USA No Attendance
15.00 2013-11-08, 12 PM
2013-11-10, 12 PM
[ Link ] Autopista Duarte, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic No Attendance
DATE HAS BEEN MOVED AT SITE'S REQUEST - opening season for deer hunting is the weekend our corpora mandates. Site doesn't want us to be injured accidentally by hunters.

Join Khaleesi Nesta, Regent Scarecrow, and Defender Stylez as they celebrate the end of their reign and the beginning of the next reign, new officers TBD.

Your autocrat for Endreign 46/Coronation 47 is Nightmare. Please contact him if you have questions or wish to help out!

A long time ago, ancient druids told of a prophecy that a ruler of the lands would unite the warring factions. The story was passed on thru the Lands that Burn, passed on to generations in the Hills of Emerald and Mountains of Iron; tribal elders spoke of it in the Lands that are Wet and Groves of Crystal. But it was here in the Kingdom of the Celestial that the prophecy came to pass during the reign of Queen Nesta. The Khallesi had come to unite the factions and bring about peace. It was a time when all groups came together and saw the greater good; it was a time of great prosperity, it was a time of hope. Sadly the Khallesi's time drew to a close as is custom in the land and the people were saddened by this, they called it The Reign of the DragonMaiden. But on the Horizon loomed a Great Orc king eager to assume the reins of power after the DragonMaiden. Lying in wait, he bides his time, waiting until it is time for him to acquire the throne of the Kingdom of the Celestial. This maybe the end of the Khallesi reign, but is it the Great Orc King who will reign next? Let us watch as this story unfolds.

Date: November 8-10th 2013
Location: La Grange Texas (specifically Camp Lone Star)
Cost: $15 for adults, $10 for children ages 6-13

Autocrat- Lord Nightmare of Slaughter Creek

Co-autocrat- Sir Wilhelm of Slaughter Creek

Feast-crats- Lady Old Woman of the Woods and Lord Zmaya Ukus of Dragon Skull Keep

War-crat's - Latilic of Slaughter Crek and Velectis of Wolf's Glen

Arts and Sciences - Tove McLynn of Traitors Gate and Mystique McStagger of Slaughter Creek

Trash-crat - Spike of Dragon Skull Keep

Gatecrat - Meissa di'Ament of Kaembryge

Our Gourmet feast will be a hunters stew known as Bigos. Misc types of bread. A dish called Toad in the hole. And for dessert we will have a Peach Cobbler.

For our alternative dish/vegan alternative we can offer the Gourmet vegetarian hunters stew Bigos, misc. types of bread. raw vegetables and for desert we can offer Peach Cobbler

3pm - Gate Opens
6:30pm - weapons check
7pm - Pop Goblin Battle
10pm - Bump in the Night Battle

10am - 5 and Under Weapon Tourney
11am – Knights meeting
noon- chain mail bracelet class hosted by Mystique McStagger (limited seating)
noon30 - weapons check
1pm - Rematch (Terrain vs Nesta)
2pm - 5 and Under A&S sign in
2:30pm - 5 and Under A&S judging
2:30pm - Elemental Battle Game
5pm - Gate Closes
5:30pm - Feast
6:30pm - Court

noon-Site closed.

Any additional questions or concerns please private message me and I will do my best to answer any and all questions.

In service to THE dream,

0.00 -0001-11-30, 12 AM
-0001-11-30, 12 AM
[ Link ] No Attendance