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20 2014-05-23, 12 AM
2014-05-25, 12 AM
Facebook Event page [ Link ] 20001 T-198, Mankato, MN 56001, USA Yes Tournaments Attendance ×
Event fee will be $20 at gate and $15 if you prepay.

If you enjoyed previous events held at this site you know this event doesn't disappoint. Times will be added soon.

Evening competition to be announced

Fourth annual cinder block competition

Treasure retrieval from the sunken temple

Siege battle

Romans vs. Barbarians 3

Saturday breakfast will be passed out.
Saturday afternoon will have a light snack in between battles
Feast for Saturday night will include pulled pork and dessert

Polaris will hold court on Saturday evening

Game Write Ups!

Treasure retrieval of From the Water Temple
Classes. Any, third level maximum
No life count, respawn as per base count

Players must navigate around obstacles to get to the treasure spots. In the treasure spots players are considered removed from play. Players may only enter the treasure spots while holding a treasure retrieval aperatus. Once the treasure is removed from the spot it must go in the team's retrieval spot. If a treasure retriever is killed, the system goes off to the side from where they passed. Treasure retrievers may not carry any weapons nor block with the retrieval system. Goal is attains when a team has retrieved a determined amount of treasure.

Ring the Boat!
Militia style combat, no armor, teams may have 20 throwing weapons at their disposal, archers are limited to carry three arrows maximum.
No life count, respawn happens every 60 seconds.

The boats have engaged and the boarding planks have been laid down. Teams with fight to cross the planks and claim right opposing ship. Victory will be determined by the most rings in one hour.

Romans vs. Barbarians
Barbarians team composed of Warriors, Assassins and Barbarians.
Romans team is Paladins, Scouts and Monks
Lives will be as per normal, respawn as per base count.

The epic battle between right and barbarism continues! The barbarian hordes have come by sea to invade Rome. With her vast military might elsewhere the cavalry stands at the defense of Rome. This, the cavalrymen have asked the Children of Neptune to aid in this best of five scenario.

Arts and Sciences!

Open Mic Night Friday Bardic-
bring your period and "close to" pieces and perform for a chance at glory and awesome prizes

Sea Shanty Saturday-
Performers will be judged on best oceanic/naval themed performance.

Best Banner-
Will be judge secret shopper style. Banner minimum dimensions: 18" x 24"

Best Use of Red, White and Blue-
Your panel of secret shopper judges will have a keen eye out on attendees dedication to the color scheme during Saturday's activities.

Banner Raffle-
Bring a banner and be registered for a drawing for a cool prize at court. Every banner is a raffle entry. Ten banners, gives you ten entries.
Banner minimum dimensions: 18" x 24"
*please note for the banner raffle.
20 2015-05-22, 12 AM
2015-05-24, 12 AM
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The start of the Year that Matters in our Kingdom bid- M.A.M.E 2015
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0 2018-05-25, 12 AM
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Minnesota Amtgard May Event 2018 & Olympiad 28
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