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0 2020-03-23, 12 AM
-0001-11-30, 12 AM
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I think the name says it all. lol
0 2020-04-06, 12 AM
2020-04-06, 12 AM
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Online credit grab via Facebook during Pandemic.

This week's topic:
How are/will you be spending your Amtgard Quarantine; funny answers!
0 2020-05-04, 12 AM
2020-05-04, 12 AM
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Online credit grab via Facebook during Pandemic.

When did you start Amtgard?
What park did you start in?
What places have you traveled to?
Where are you playing now?
0 2020-05-26, 12 AM
2020-05-26, 12 AM
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Online credit grab via Facebook during Pandemic.

How are you doing? How are you coping through everything at the moment? What are you doing to remain connected with friends and family?
(Mental Health Awareness Month Check In)
0 2020-06-07, 12 AM
2020-06-07, 12 AM
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Online credit grab via Facebook during Pandemic.

The Hungry King's Credit Grab?...!
0 2020-06-15, 12 AM
2020-06-15, 12 AM
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Online credit grab via Facebook during Pandemic.

Something you are proud of that you did
0 2020-07-23, 12 AM
2020-07-23, 11 PM
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*The Hungry King's Credit Grab Part Deux*

I continue to hunger.

This time around, I want you all to feed me your favorite recipes *and* favorite foods, as they aren't always the same.

This post will open up now (6.29) and run until my birthday (7.23), which is when we'll close this post and award *three* credits per entry! (One per week, ya dig?)

So hit me with what you got!
0 -0001-11-30, 12 AM
-0001-11-30, 12 AM
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0 2020-06-01, 12 AM
2020-06-30, 11 PM
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30 days of Pell presented by Champion Scifee as a training / accountability regimen to maintain or grow fighting abilities during the Plague Reign. Those who participated for all 30 days are rewarded with 4 Warrior Credits and the title of Shadow Boxer by Promachos Neon Von Wolf.
0 2020-07-16, 7 PM
2020-07-16, 8 PM
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0 2020-08-05, 1 AM
2020-08-23, 11 PM
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The Contrarian's Credit grab.
Let's do this thing. I want pics of everyone on here. For this grab, you have to drop a picture of you in garb (and/or armor) wearing a Covid mask.
These two opposing forces coming together in one thread.
From now until Sunday August 23rd, post a picture on this thread of you / your squad / your whatever in garb or kit and a Covid-19 mask and it will be worth 2 (yes 2), credits. This gives you two weeks to find your boots, tunic, etc.
Don't forget to add persona name, class, park and kingdom.
0 2020-09-28, 12 AM
2020-09-28, 12 AM
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#TheHungryKingsFinalGrab\r\nAnd here we are.\r\nThe home stretch toward Saturday, when my time as the kingdom monarch finally comes to an end. \r\nIt\'s been an insane set of reigns, but here we are.\r\nI\'m going to do one final credit grab before I concede the reigns to your next monarch. (Psst. 4 credits.)\r\nSo beginning now and ending when I step down out of office on Saturday (830pm est), you can post below to participate and get your credit. \r\nTo get your credits, simply post below with your Amtgard name, park, and class as normal... and provide the person who posts above you just a little love. It can be something about them or words of hope and love. Whatever it is, let\'s just love one another for the next few days. \r\nFirst person gets a free pass since nobody posts above them :)\r\nSee yall in a few days!\r\nheart,\r\nNeon
0 2020-10-29, 12 AM
2020-11-05, 12 AM
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I know many of us are on edge or tired or apathetic or ((whatever)).
A LOT is happening all at once.
Many of us are feeling it. We can't do our usually weekly in person meet ups or see our long distance peeps the few times we actually get to. It's been a rough year.
This is to let you know we here in the Rising Winds Monarchy love you all. We care for you all in one form or another. We are feeling it as well. It is OKAY to admit this. We can be here for each other ❤
Something inspiring. It can be a poem, a phrase, a picture, a song, a meme... anything.
Let people know that there is some light out in the darkness. Let everyone know there are people that care.
Be Excellent To Each Other
~Kai DJ Clayd
Post will close next Thursday at 5am Eastern
0 2021-01-26, 12 AM
2021-01-26, 12 AM
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Kai's "who is still going at 6am" credit post:

You have been running around either doing service type things or swinging foam or maybe just being social... all you want to do is pass tf out.
But SOMEONE is still going. We all know THAT person.
Right now, kinda miss those people. Even though they were pains in the ass ?
Comment your persona name
Let us know something you miss you thought you might not have. Please be respectful with this, the group is PG13 ?
I will close this in about a week.
Just a reminder, virtual event this weekend hosted by some lovely people in RW and TD ❤
~Kai DJ Clayd
0 2021-04-11, 12 AM
2021-04-19, 12 AM
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Hello Bees!!!!
Weather is getting nice. Our younger players are approaching the final stretch of the school year. Vaccine roll out is well underway. Places are either opening or in the process of opening. We will be able to see each other sooner rather than later. Light at the end of the tunnel and all that ❤
I know some people are frustrated that it isn't going as fast as they would like. You are important. Without players, there is no game. Without a game, there is no community.
You may not feel important, but you are. It's just not contributing to the community in some fashion or just showing up to park. You are important to someone or someones; inside and outside of Amtgard.
I am just here, now, to let you know that. Even if you do know that, it does feel good to be told that ?
Yes, this is a online credit grab by the KayGMaaR. I have to pretend I do something :^)
Persona name
Something positive/helpful for people... even if it's just a "hey... don't forget to unclench your jaw"
I will turn off comments in a week ?
Be Excellent To Each Other
Da KayGMaaR
~Kai DJ Clayd
0 2021-05-09, 1 AM
2021-05-15, 11 PM
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Mothers Day Week Credit Grab\r\n(Please share to your local park page)\r\nI’ve been playing with this community coming on 7 years this fall. And today of all days, I think we should set aside time to thank and celebrate all types of moms here in our community. \r\nWhether it’s the awesome mom sharing the community with their children, or the metaphorical moms who take on that matriarchal role within our parks and social groups, most of us have several stories of those amazing women. \r\nNow through end of day Saturday, give a shout out (and let’s be honest, perhaps an apology ? ), to a mom in our community who inspires or makes this community a better place for you. \r\n(Also include your persona name, park, kingdom, and class)
0 2021-06-20, 12 PM
2021-06-26, 11 PM
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Fathers Day Week Credit Grab
Similar to the Mothers Day credit grab from last month, let’s set aside some time to celebrate those fathers (and father-like figures) in the game who’ve helped make our community a better place. It could be someone you see bringing their kids into our club or it could be someone you see acting as the metaphorical dad figure of their park.
So let’s give those dads a special shout out and drop your persona name, class credit, and park.
Credit grab will end on 11:59pm on June 26th.
0 2022-02-10, 1 AM
2022-02-10, 5 PM
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Throwback Thursday picture post