Type Name Members
Household Amazons 1
Company Ambulatis Mortis 1
Household Balliamo 1
Household Battle Brides of Goldenvale 1
Household Black Wing Clan 1
Household Crew of the Obsidian Rakesh 2
Household Crimson Gorget 2
Company Critter and the Hot Chicks 1
Household Glas Trodaire 13
Household Heralds of the Griffin 2
Household House of Arrow and Sun 2
Household House of Bedevere 16
Company Maiar 1
Company Omega 4
Household RWMW 1
Household Scalpel and Broadsword 2
Household Sword of Selent (Household) 1
Company The Fallen 1
Household The Order of The Gauntlet 2
Company White Boar 2