House of the Hungry Solder

Name: House of the Hungry Solder
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: To feed and hydrate the hungry masses and help support our kingdom in a whole.
History: Started on August 08' to get us to clan for our Kingdom Bid. Has had some ups and downs, burnt a few dishes and was cooking. We have now closed down to see where life leads us... You may still contact me if needing help with anything!


Member Role Title
Baroness Lady Fey Anya Marina Blackleaf Member Proprietor
Bones Member House Soldiers
Countess Catherine d'Avignon Member House Soldiers
Freki Wulfrock de Sam Parr Member House Soldiers
Gyda Member House Soldiers
Horse Member Staff
Katheryne Kavanagh Member Staff
Lady Kaje of the Wolf Spirit People Member House Soldiers
Michael DeBain Member Manager
Onime Neko Member House Soldiers
Owen Member Staff
Splatter Member House Soldiers
Xander of Doomwind Member Legend