Name: Apotheosis
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: As the lives of men are measured in years, the lives of heroes are measured in deeds. When those deeds surpass all humanity in their valiancy, audacity, dauntlessness, boldness and enterprise do the gods see fit to elevate those heroes into the ranks of divinity. We are those ... APOTHEOSIS
History: Jan 2010 @ Gypsy Hollow within the Northern Lights: Created Feb 2010 @ Gypsy Hollow within the Northern Lights: Charter established and signed by founding members. (Tristan el Gitano, Zephyr, TORig Headbasher, Morgan, Duck)


Member Role Title
Aisling the Dreamer Member Avatar
Buttercup the Painbringer Member Avatar
Duck Member Avatar
Isolde Member Avatar
Kujo Member Avatar
Lady Squire Random Nemoralis Member Avatar
Leeroy Jenkins Member Avatar
Lord Nytefire Member Avatar
Lucien Member Avatar
Morgan Member Avatar
Rhi Bran Member Avatar
TORig Headbasher Member Exemplar
Tristan el Gitano Member Votary
Zephyr Kalikhryst Member Votary