Name: Shinsengumi
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: “You train a dog with food. You can buy a person with money. But there isn't a man alive able to influence the Wolves of Mibu.” The Shinsengumi (Also known as the Wolves of Mibu based on the fact that they started as Ronin and were based in the Mibu district of Kyoto) were the special police force of Kyoto in the Meiji Restoration era, fighting for the Shogunate. They were excellent swordsmen, great unit fighters, and above all never displayed any problems with killing if the situation warranted it. Here in Amtgardia, the Shinsengumi exist to be a solid and reliable fighting element on the battlefield. Off the field, our goal is to strengthen those around us using the "iron sharpens iron" approach.
History: The Shinsengumi formed officially on January 1, 2010.


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