Brotherhood of the Blood Moon

Name: Brotherhood of the Blood Moon
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Brotherhood is a nordic roleplay group which also promotes fairness,honor,and respect.we do not talorate cheaters of any kind, because this is a game meant for fun. (in character) We are the scattered remains of the nomadic and permanent tribes of Amtgardia. We seek the rebirth of our tribes. So together through the power and effort of our great warriors and through the mighty power gifted to us through the mighty power Månen has gifted us, we will write our story in the blood of our fallen foes. for in the begining Solen Stekte charged Månen with the duty of watching over the life on earth.When mans first blood was spilt she saw them glide through midt begrunnelse she gave life to Død Spiral to lead the souls of the fallen to their places in the after life, then she gave life to Jord Spiral who brought forth the means fo man to protect themselves and when the blood of man was on the hands of eachother..Månen wept for the losses and the tears of Månen became Vann Spiral who gave man the knowledge not to kill eachother. And when this happened Månen breathed a sigh of releif giving life forth to Vind Spiral who allowed man to celebrate and be free.


Member Role Title
Antubis Member Initiate
Azura Member Initiate
Bjorn Greyheart Member Elder
Flame Member Elder
Kismet Member Tribesman
Owl Member Blood Brother
Peehs Amnos the Unscrupulous Member Tribesman
Roltair Member Initiate
Terran Krakenslayer Member Elder