Name: Panurple
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Clan Panurple is the oldest surviving gypsy clan in Amtgard. It spans across several kingdoms, and is the flagship household of the Fortuna Tribe, an interkingdom conglomerate of households, to serve as Amtgard's gypsy nation, and to encourage and inspire gypsy roleplaying culture throughout the game.
History: Around 1995, Turtle Panurple of Mushroom Shrine founded the Panurple Clan as it's King. In 1997 he declared his Amtson, Silent Panurple, Gypsy Prince and heir to his throne. Silent put a great deal of effort into building up the household, and it expanded throughout the Wetlands and started pouring into other kingdoms. In 2006, Turtle stepped down as King, and Silent took it upon himself to start building the families in other kingdoms in the hopes of enhancing the Gypsy archetype throughout the game. In 2009, Silent founded the Fortuna Tribe, an interkingdom Gypsy Nation.


Member Role Title
Adonis Member Wagon Master
Aislinn d. Ruari Member Kin
Baku Panurple Member Prince
Euwin MacRotch Member Kin
Hobbabobbit Member Elder
Jade Panurple Member Queen
Kay Kay Member Kin
Palattemei Panurple Member Princess
Silent Panurple Member Rom Baro (King)
The Wall Member Kin
Turtle Ironside Member Grandsire
Ugnaut Panurple Member Kin