Clan MacAbee

Name: Clan MacAbee
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Our Clan is about service to Amtgard through hospitality and travel throughout Westmarch. \r\nWe pride ourselves in serving the needs of our homes of Thor\'s Refuge as well as Mistyvale and the lands we visit. \r\nWe will alway have food or drink to share. \r\nWe only accept those willing and able to travel and be of service.
History: We formed after Darkshore 2009 when Collin the Red and Tamara were made Lord and Lady. \r\nWe have since hosted Friday Night dinner at Southern Rebellion 2009, made banners for our land and the Tribe of Wild Blood (the House of our Man and Woman at Arms at the time) and in September of 2009 we co-hosted Breakfast at Feast of Mars V with the Bloodstones. \r\n(They have all since joined Clan MacAbee)\r\nHosted Breakfast at SKBC 2010 \r\nHosted a Chili-dog lunch at Dark Shore 2010 \r\nHosted Breakfast at Feast of Mars 2010 \r\nArranged for 7 Westmarch members to attend Clan 2011\r\nHelped raise over $400 for Westmarch Clan Travel Fund in 2011\r\nArranged for 7 Westmarch members to attend Clan 2012\r\nHelped raise over $1000 for Food fight in TR in 2012.\r\nWe Run several Demos every year including KublaCon, All Hallows and Fairy Festival.\r\n2015 we added the Vallejo Cub Scout\'s twilight camp to our list of Demos. \r\n2016 we again did Fairytale Town, 4th of July parade and several other demos.


Member Role Title
Azus Member Ambassador
Cannincali Member Ship\'s Captain
Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Member Ambassador
Collin MacAbee Lord Head of House
Der Viertelmeister Member Demo Android
Druwitch Member
Kalandra Mirdain Member
Kichinia or Kichi Member
Lady Arilynn Member
Lady Squire Tamara MacAbee Lord Matriarch
Obay Member Ambassador
Tempest the Colorful Member
thistledown notagnome Member Ambassador
Zena Member