Gaslight Amtgard

Name: Gaslight Amtgard
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Steampunk: The forgotten age of the Victorian era; because it never existed... The breathtaking designs of the steampunk era has been influential to many people. Gear cogs, gaslight, old typewriters, & airships. All things that spark the imagination to live & feel brass & steam. If you are a fan of Steampunk, please feel free to join.
History: Always a fan of the Steampunk genre; I wanted to expand it into Amtgard as well. I've seen many others with the same idea, but from what I've seen nothing has ever come of it. I decided to form this household for those of us who are fans of steampunk. We were formed on August 9th 2009.


Member Role Title
Docsi Member Sky Pirate
Erithen Malagose Member Sky Pirate
Faelynn Dreth Member Sky Pirate
Kelvelos Solevlek ap Warbird Member Sky Pirate
Kyrow the Fox Member Sky Fox
Sir Lockland Member Sky Pirate
Taver A'lundra Firestrike Nemoralis Member Sky Fox