Name: Moonshadow
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The House of Moonshadow has an alliance with the house of A Thousand Sun and House Duabhar. The house of Moonshadow enbodies the love of Amt Gard. The memebers of this house look forward to doing things for their park and have fun doing it. We help new memebers and get them into the love of the game. We see amt gard not only as a sport or a hobbie, we see it as friendship, as a relief from mundan life, and a chance to just get out there and cross swords with friends and love ones. If you truly have a love for amt gard take up the name of Moonshadow.


Member Role Title
Arivan Thesher Member
Blackfire Moonshadow Member Prince
Plunder Member Lord
Stephiroth Member